1. Charley

    2 in 1 Laptop/PC for Physically Disabled person

    I am looking at options to buy a 2 in 1 laptop/pc for my cousin who is a disabled person suffering from Muscular Dystrophy. He needs to have functions as in a Windows PC which he has right now. And he wants to use it on the bed/wheelchair/car. 1) What is your budget? Rs. 25k 2) What size &...
  2. patelpk

    Macbook Pro 2010 - DC connector

    Hi All, Can someone guide me where in Delhi/Noida I get DC connector for my Macbook Pro Mid 2010 replaced. I know most probably Nehru place will have this, but if someone can provide me an contact number of person that would be awesome :).
  3. Nerevarine

    [Complaint] Extremely poor service by TP Link

    Last month my TP Link WR 841N went kaput, it's WAN port stopped working. As this was under warranty, I submitted it for RMA on 4th May.. The person in charge said, it will take a month for replacement to come from Delhi.. WTF? Still, I waited a month but even after that, the person is telling...
  4. abhigeek

    [Group Buy] Rocket League 4 pack @ Rs176.75 per person.

    Rocket league is on sale at 40% discount. So pack of 4 is of Rs 707 i.e Rs 176.75 per person. Need 3 more people for group buy.
  5. mukherjee

    SSD Upgrade Planned. Size dilemma.

    Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I am back after a looong hiatus. To get to the point, I have ultimately saved up for a SSD. Now I have a 2600K,8GB DDR3 sandybridge setup running on a ASUS P8Z68VPRO-GEN3 mobo, with 1TB Seagate+1TB WD Blue HDDs, and a GTX970 too ;). About the...
  6. anarchy0x

    smart app to call without showing/sharing my number?

    Not like Whatsapp or viber, where you have to give the other person your mobile. Probably, you register with a username & you call to the username of the other person
  7. Flash

    First Person Games or Third Person Games??

    Time for a fight!! :machinegun::machinegun2::sword::lightsabre::2subs::fencing::bandanafighter::sniper::newgun::enforcer::enforcer2::chucks:
  8. G

    Ghost Recon - WildLands

    New 3rd person shooter open World game by Ubisoft. This is like Far Cry in 3rd person & it looks great. Most excited about this game. Ghost Recon Wildlands Announced, Is Open-World
  9. GhorMaanas

    [Want to Buy] Apple MBP reqd.; local purchase only (NCR)

    Hello! a photographer friends needs an MBP; he resides at Gurgaon, and wants to purchase an MBP locally after examining the laptop in person. max. budget is 55k. please send in offers those who are willing to sell their laptops. thanks! - - - Updated - - - UPDATE - mod may close this thread...
  10. W

    Problem with the C program

    A task is given to 3 persons to complete it within a particular time. If the person exceeds the time limit he will be disqualified. Only those who complete it within the given time limit is qualified. Among the qualified persons, the person who completes the task first will be rewarded. Write a...
  11. Vyom

    Weird Thoughts Thread

    So lately I have been feeling little philosophical. Started having some strange or weird thoughts about life and all. I started documenting them until I have a few to share. I will start with couple of them and my elaborate thoughts about it. I am wondering whether you guys have some such...
  12. adityak469

    Lost Phone, What To Do?

    Two days back, I lost my phone somewhere along the road. It had two SIMs in it, one on roaming and the other was local. The phone had almost everything synced with Google and had most IDs logged in from opera mini and UC. Today when i opened up gmail, i saw some of my mails were marked read so...
  13. tanmaymohan

    Galaxy Y weird problem

    I have a weird problem on my galaxy Y Here's an explanation step by step 1. Want to call person A . Went to the log , swiped the person(or dialled the no.) which I want to call. Dialling didn't happen and phone returned to home screen. 2.Ok now want to call person B. Insured of calling...
  14. ramakanta

    Three Wheeler e-Bike for Physical Disability Person

    Three Wheeler e-Bike only for Physical Disability Person. Made from the scrap materials (Open source Material ) 36V battery operated . max speed -12Km/hr. max- load - 110Kg.
  15. toad_frog09

    Mobikwik. Fraud and Deceit.

    I have been a regular internet user since last 5-6 years, and an avid online shopper since last three years, trusting my money with websites that have never let me down. This one website, has given me headache and pains that can compensate for all my good experiences turning me...
  16. P

    Recommend Games

    Hi Guys, I have recently build gaming PC (thanks to thinkdigit fourm). I have GPU r7 240 ddr 5 (according to budget). Can you suggest some games except COD(Black OPS , i have finished them). MY taste:- preference- 3rd person games,first person also will do depends on games. my Favourite...
  17. NewsBytes

    Online dating options for the eligible Indian Geek

    "Every person has a chance to sweep another person off their feet. You just need the right broom." ~Will Smith as Alex Hitchens, Hitch. (Paraphrased to avoid being called a sexist website. We don’t discriminate.) The change in the traditional stereotypical geek and the advent of the...
  18. B

    [Complaint] Please avoid OM Secondhand laptops Malad E. (Fraud & Not credible)

    If you are looking for used laptops in Mumbai, Please steer clear of this name. Seems like a fraud at first sight. I was looking for 3~4 used laptops for office use and I reached this person but smelling fishy, did't buy anything . here is my experience- 1) Has ads on OLX, Quickr etc under...
  19. webdesigncut

    When i call someone on mobile i hear the massage "the person you are calling is not responding" ?

    Hello friends, Can i anyone tell me .. when i call someones mobile.. i get the voice message "the person you are calling is not answering" but when i call the same person from another sim his phone rings ? and he picks up phone? what exactly he is doing with my number ? is he blocking my number?
  20. bee

    viber problem :(

    im facing this really weird issue i just installed viber and when i call someone my voice is perfectly clear but when the other person says something it has this really horrible disturbance almost deafening please help guys
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