[NEWS] Sony at MWC 2016 : Sony Xperia X, X Performance and XA


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As most others focus on phablets, Sony showed the 5" market a lot of love with the new Xperia X series. The Xperia X Performance is essentially a Z-phone in disguise. Better even, not even the Z5 has a brushed metal back.

This one has it all - waterproofing, stereo speakers, Snapdragon 820 chipset, 23MP camera, the works. If money is no object, this would be our pick.

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Sony really surprised everyone with this low key launch...

In India, however, price will be high at launch. Still I think Xperia X will be a great phone to buy after a year for me (if battery life is good). I never expected Sony to drop the glass back... I was hoping for something great from HTC (That might still come though)

Maybe Galaxy S8 will have metal back...


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brushed metal back is much better then glass back...glass back can be broken, slipery ..metal back can have grip and its cold and not scratchable

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btw samsung S7 have sony sensor with superfast AF ...I expect sony's next gen cam to be faster and better


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Sony itself can't use the full potential of their camera, every damn time.

XA looks stunning btw, best of the lot.
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