Phones having similar audio quality to lenovo vibe k4 note


Right off the assembly line
Most of the time I play my music out loud, and from the digit review, I see that lenovo vibe k4 note has the great audio performance I've been looking for, both out of the speakers and on earphones.

But I'm put off from considering it due to low sunlight legibility and disappointing camera in comparison, which is pretty important to me.

Can anyone suggest any other phones having similar audio performance along with a really good camera and good display in the sub-15k/20k range?
Yeah...but i dont think k4 note's sound will be any better....

Both Lenovo K4 & X3 have stereo speakers + X3 has additional softwares(dolby) & DAC ( I personally feel that will easily give X3 an edge over Redmi Note 3, anyways Redmi Note 3 is expected to be priced lower than X3)
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