1. G

    Will Hindu Males Alone Benefit from India's Growth, Student Asks IMF Chief

    Will Hindu Males Alone Benefit from India's Growth, Student Asks IMF Chief What kind of thinking does this girl have to address these types of questions to foreigners, here the IMF chief of all the people. Is the IMF chief an authority on Indian society? Seems as if the more educated we are...
  2. RCuber

    The Blue/Black Gold/White Dress Question

    Ok for those who don't know, this blew up in the interwebs today. The dress below is seen by people as a Black/Blue and Some are saying its White/Gold People are debating how this could be possible, I couldn't read much. I checked this with 10+ people in my team and only me and another...
  3. Mr.Kickass

    Britons shortlisted for the Mars One Project

    (Source) Covered elsewhere, Mars One shortlist: the top 10 hopefuls | TheGuardian Meet the 100 people hoping to live and die on Mars | The Verge Sorry, can't help it :P
  4. Flash

    Activists Will Air Drop 100,000 Copies of 'The Interview' Over... Yep, You Guessed It!

    The film North Korea previously labelled an 'act of war' will now be air dropped over the border-locked country en-masse, creating what will surely be history's first ever government-censored rain shower. A coalition of anti-censorship activists - led by the humanitarian group Cinema for Peace...
  5. Flash

    Is our generation ADDICTED to mobile/tablet much?

    When i travelled in bus/train while i was a kid, the commuters who don't even know each other will share newspapers among them, and talk about something. Even if two guys were talking about a trivial thing, the whole compartment/bus will listen and others join. But in our generation, all i can...
  6. Nerevarine

    How many people believe in Dr Zakir Naik

    Ive been watching some of his videos and I cant help but ask, How many people really buy into that stuff.. From what ive found, the majourity of youtube comments is in support of him .. I know this is a controversial topic but the things he says about other religions, especially christianity...
  7. A

    Congratulation Sunny Leone for being the top trending People in google search thrice in a row
  8. Anorion

    Chinese Millionaire replaces village huts with luxury apartments for free

    Chinese businessman builds luxury flats for his old village for free  | Daily Mail Online
  9. mikael_schiffer

    How is HTC still surviving?? Who is buying their products?? Illuminati??

    I just read the news about HTC earning some profit this year. If you ask me, this Taiwanese "Apple-Wannabe" company needs to die !! I cant believe people are actually buying HTC products. I can understand iSheeps. For them their devices add to their status symbols, but HTC...its just plain...
  10. seamon

    I see dead people!

    What to do?
  11. Nerevarine

    Unity 3D discussions

    Since many people here are showing interest in learning this, I thought of creating a thread so we can discuss techniques and other stuff...Also i wanna know how many people here are seriously learning U3D ?
  12. Allu Azad

    Now you can chat even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone connection FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid". Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game...
  13. Piyush


    More here: Areal The goal of funding $50000 by 24 July seems pretty easy as just in 2 days of this news, people have funded almost $30K . Some screens:
  14. mikael_schiffer

    Do you pretend to be a theist (Christian/Hindu/Muslim etc)??

    Just wanted to know if i was the only one...Cuz i belong to a very very strict and obnoxiously orthodox Christian society where even our State laws are drafted by church elders (Mizoram). Sale & Consumption of Liquor is prohibited because the church elders said so..however Mizoram is the...
  15. aaruni

    15th birthday of CS

    On the 19th of June 1999, Counter Strike was released as a GldSrc mod by some very talented people. Someone wanna have an online party to celebrate ? CS 1.6 ?
  16. Desmond

    Google makes 100% self driving car, without steering wheel or pedals. Source :
  17. Anorion

    Which are the greatest software ever made and why

    so this The Greatest Works of Software it identifies the greatest as my argument stems from this one line sure. but the listed are not the most empowering in the world. I would say the most empowering in the world are java - allows anyone to code for anything webgl - allows anyone to...
  18. Chetan1991

    Want optimal settings for TP-Link td w8968 adsl modem router

    Hey everyone. I bought the w8968 adsl modem + router a few day ago and got it today. Got online in a few minutes. But on the web interface I saw it is failing the ATM OAM Segment Ping test, although that is supposed to be...
  19. SaiyanGoku

    Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04 LTS released why unity desktop again :cryeyesout: - - - Updated - - - :facepalm: people like these shouldn't be allowed to have internet access.
  20. W

    Far more than ‘honest’ or ‘secular’ leaders, we need intelligent and competent ones

    Far more than honest & secular leaders, we need intelligent and competent ones - The Times of India
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