1. Vyom

    Demystifying Pacenet (login based browsing session) And Speeding Up Peer to Peer Sharing

    So year my first resolution became shifting from MTNL's unfriendly service to some (and later any) Broadband. And I shifted to Pacenet. I am on a Rs 930, 1 Mbps Unlimited plan. (No FUP). As with any new stuff, I am learning stuff that I never knew and trying to figure out the best way to use...
  2. stonecaper

    How is Wishnet?

    So finally I have made up my mind to get rid of bsnl and get Wishnet.Willing to get the Bronze Super Night Plan.Here are some queries that I have - 1. How is their service in general? 2.Does the peering work?what is the site whose torrents they peer? 3.Does the 1 mbps from 1-9am thing work...
  3. digit i am thinking

    Diffrence between torrent,ed2k and Magnet link?

    Hi I want to know, what the difference betn a torrent,ed2k and torrent file. I know torrent files and it's peer to peer sharing. but don't know abt magnet link and ed2k. :-? How does it work? Which is better? which application support it?
  4. X

    avoiding virus or spyware

    i set up my old pc to use on the internet. it is very slow but still want some protection programs on it. after installing and uninstalling i kept only two programs avira freeware and peer guardian that runs decently. Are they enough to not get a virus or spyware?
  5. 4T7

    FCC to rule against Comcast for blocking P2P traffic

    Comcast came under fire last year for using some rather dubious tactics to block file sharing and peer to peer traffic to customers who use BitTorrent sites for sharing files. The cable and internet service provider has since had a contentious relationship with the FCC, which has been mulling...
  6. hailgautam

    some questions about u torrent

    I have some doubts about torrents. what does in seeding x(XX) and peer x(XX) mean - where x is a number? what does the tracker status "scrape ok" mean? what does Debug status "0|0|4" mean? what is "DHT" mean how does that help? what does "unable to map UPnP" in logger mean, and how does...
  7. milnniki

    Network Problem

    Hi Buddy i m forgoting to connect CAT5 cable to RJ45 like there r four wire in CAT 5 if i want to join peer to peer network then which color first in RJ45 plz help me ..
  8. F

    P2p Tv

    Using a new peer to peer technology you can potentially get any channel broadcast on the internet for free. The new controversial TVUPlayer could be the TV studio ’s biggest enemy since Napster! Channels already being broadcast on the net without permission include CBS, ESPN, NBA TV, ABC, NBC...
  9. M

    Laptop Lan Config error work only with laptop not with pc

    Hi I just brought campaq laptop wndering that it is not able to connect with win2k3 server it is showing that lan connected but i cant see netowk & browse files One wonder is that Laptop to Laptop is connecting without any problem & browsing I called my reseller he tried it with sahara...
  10. s18000rpm

    Peer To Peer Modem PlayMode

    what is this peer to peer modem play mode in 'Multi-Player Mode' in "Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed". How do i configure it. Do i need Internet Connection for this.
  11. M

    can i send setup of softy like file to another pc,,

    hi my question is i want to send setup of adware or tuneup to another person to whom dont know how to download from links,,,,then is it possible to send setup same like file within 2 pcs only is there anything like peer to peer which i can form within 2 pcs only if yes then how ? by...
  12. desertwind

    BitTorrent not working after Azureus Install in FC4

    Seems, i'm having a lot of problems these days. I was using the official BItTorrent client 4.4.0 for handling my torrents. Everything went fine. Two days back i installed Azureus 2.4.4, and I find it an excellent software. But since that i'm having some trouble with BT. BT is...
  13. go4saket

    Free Online Space For File Sharing???

    :) Hello Friends! :) Can anyone tell me which are the good sites who allow free space for file sharing. It should provide pretty good space and support all file formats. Incase if there are any free web hosting services that provide the same kind of feature with no file size limit, please...
  14. D

    hw to configure network?????(just 2 computers)

    hi hw can i configure the network.mine is a peer to peer me
  15. R

    Help Required in Bit Torrent-Incorrect Peer Info

    Hello I started downloading a 825 MB .avi file through Bit Torrent using Bit Spirit.I reached till 210 MB but then i had to turn off the computer.After i started the computer again by mistake i used Bit Comet to download the.It recognized the previously downloaded 210 MB of it but it didnt...
  16. yash

    need help in deciding the type of network in my home

    hi I wanted to know a few things to help me decide wht kind of network shud i install in my home. Can i install a hub with wich i can share the internet conection without the broadband line havig to be connected to any computer? because that way the computer with which net is connected...
  17. rohanbee

    Are peer to peer networks (like winmx) safe?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know wether these peer to peer networks are safe to share things on the internet. I know the logically answer would be "HELL NO", However can we take a precaution to protect the computer from accidently loading virusus from them? I for example am using...
  18. S

    peer to peer on winxp

    hi, wanted to connect 2 pcs both running winXp and havin a Lan-card.... even got the proper 'cross-cable'... everything was working fine when all of a sudden my pc stopped getting a ping reply form the other pc..even loopback isn't working! but icna see that pc in the networkplaces.. this...
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