1. G

    Can I use Entropay to transfer funds through Paypal?

    I am thinking of linking my SBI or BOB Int. DC with Entropay. I checked and saw that Entropay VCC is accepted on paypal. Will there be any scope for problems/issues with this method?
  2. D

    [Want to Buy] $5 Paypal

    Lemme know by pm if you're willing to sell $5 paypal. Post me your phone number and name too. I'll pay you back via mobile topup or purchase you anything worth $5 . Thanks p.s I could have purchased it myself, but paypal is not accepting my sbi or pnb debit card.
  3. F

    [Want to Buy] Z1 Bumper Slider Case

    Can Any1 provide me any link or shop in mumbai were i can purchase the Metal Slider Black Case (Not the Lovemei screws one) TVC mall has it but will take like a month to deliver it, and kinda expensive on ebay also i dont use paypal :(
  4. Cyberghost

    Paypal currency conversion option???

    Hii Digitians, Anyone know how to change the paypal's default currency conversion option to " bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice". I want to change it because paypal's conversion rate is high than bank's foreign transcation rate. Please help indian paypal users.......
  5. S

    Does paypal report you??

    Does paypal report the amount of money you got through paypal to governement officials. I heard there is a threshold value above which they report you. Is that true??
  6. cyborg47

    Purpose code on PAYPAL?

    I've got a freelance job recently(game character rigging, and Animation...a 3D game artist basically), and my client wants to transfer the money through Paypal. So I've created one, but Paypal asks me to fulfill a list of tasks, one of them being the purpose code. I've looked through the list...
  7. D

    Need 5-10$ in my Paypal Account!!!

    Hello guys, My name is Deepak Yadav. I need 5-10$ in my Paypal account. If somebody could help me , I would be very thankful to him. I will pay you back.....
  8. T

    PayPal accidentally adds $92 quadrillion to man’s account

    PayPal accidentally adds $92 quadrillion to man
  9. GhorMaanas

    [PayPal - receiving payment] Should i be wary of this?!

    Hello everyone! i have listed a camera for sale on quikr. today, i received a reply to my listing, in which the interested party writes that he is interested in the camera, and wants me to ship it to USA to his daughter, and its urgent (meant as a gift for her). he asked me to provide my paypal...
  10. a_medico

    Whatsapp - How do you purchase it without a credit card via paypal?

    So I dont have a credit card and Whatsapp is about to expire this month. Is there any way I could upgrade the service without credit card? I have hdfc international debit card though. I havent yet tried paypal. I have heard, it doesnt work for debit cards.
  11. H

    PayPal president considering adding Bitcoin

    PayPal Sees $20 Billion in Mobile Transactions: Video - Bloomberg He says it at around the 2:50 mark.
  12. Abhishekrocked

    Do we have to Pay tax separately if we use Paypal ?

    Hello guys i am from india, 19 years of age..... so i am new to all of this things paypal and credit cards things... I want to create a paypal account for selling, buying and receiving money to my paypal. I will manly used to sell virtual items such as the items from zynga games and fifa...
  13. Empirial

    Paypal with SBI [Urgent]

    Hi, Is it possible to signup a paypal account using sbi platinum international debit card? Some of my friends are successfully using paypal with hsbc & axis international debit card. Regards.
  14. Shah

    Problems with PayPal

    I was thinking of getting a Paid Hosting from BlueHost. So, Today, I created a PayPal account on my dad's name and entered his details and his PAN ID correctly. But, when i add a debit card, it says the Name under which the PayPal account was created does not match the name in the PAN card. But...
  15. Flash

    Anonymous hacker 'cost PayPal £3.5 million by crippling site'

    A student committed a series of cyber attacks as part of hacking group Anonymous that cost the website PayPal £3.5 million, a court heard today. Christopher Weatherhead (went by the name, NERDO) , 22, was studying at Northampton University when he is alleged to have taken part in the cyber...
  16. mohityadavx

    Paypal Incoming Funds

    Hey I would be getting some money from abroad since Western Union is damn expensive I want to try out Paypal. My question is do I need to have a Credit Card attached to paypal account to accept International Payments or a Debit Card will do .
  17. Nanducob


    Hi, ive gone through many threads in this forum about Paypal and also Ico's '[Must Read] Information regarding Indian Debit Cards' thread,very informative thread i must say.So my question is -can i register on paypal using a Axis bank debit card?,because i found it confusing where it says that...
  18. RCuber

    Paypal - Cannot Add HDFC Debit Card

    Hey Guys, Im getting the following error when trying to add my new HDFC debit card (Master) The card is a international debit card and can be used online. What can be the issue? I have already linked my HDFC bank account to paypal without any issue. The card is new and status is...
  19. D


  20. cute.bandar

    onlinesbi: transactions get updated in how much time?

    I am trying to add my bank account to paypal. Paypal sent a mail saying they have made 2 deposits in my bank account on May 16th. but I checked my net banking account and there are no transactions there. Does anyone have any idea as to how much time does it take for onlinesbi to update show...
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