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[PayPal - receiving payment] Should i be wary of this?!


The Vagrant Seeker
Hello everyone!

i have listed a camera for sale on quikr. today, i received a reply to my listing, in which the interested party writes that he is interested in the camera, and wants me to ship it to USA to his daughter, and its urgent (meant as a gift for her). he asked me to provide my paypal email address to him, to proceed with the payment, and wrote that he is ready to pay an 'X' amount (which is almost double the asking-price including shipping cost, but anyway). he insists on using DHL as the shipper.

now i have once received payment to my paypal account, but that was by an amazon seller from Japan, an year or so back. reading this recent reply, i did a quick search on safety-tips for receiving payment in one's paypal account, and found that there have been several scams, mostly on ebay, where sellers have been duped for expensive items, where the buyer insisted on paying through paypal and either sending someone on his behalf, or himself, to collect the item, and then either put the payment on hold, or retrieve it back. now my case sounds a bit different, where in, the buyer is a co-national, and wants me to send the item through traceable courier of repute only. still, i want to be on a safer side, and hence seek suggestions from members here on how to go about this deal to avoid/prevent any potential risk from manifesting.

as a safety-measure, i have replied to him with my bank-acct. details and requested him to prefer to pay into my bank-acct. directly. should receive his reply later. please suggest what could be done to stay safe.



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Well I use Quikr a lot, and I have received same type of replies from abroad, Nigeria, US etc, and the price they are offering are unbelievable. For example, I was selling a stone (those astrological nonsense of my dad) at 7.5k, and one seller from Nigeria said that he would pay 300$ for it, along with shipping and all. I thought WTF? He didn't ask my PayPal id though. I took it as a scam, and I deleted the mail. I also was thinking what's up! But simply put, no one would pay extra, and this is NOT extra, this is excessively extra, for an item. So legit or not, I would never give my Bank a/c details to some unknown God damned person, if he is a person at all. But PayPal is completely safe, that much I can say, but that's when I buy from international eBay, I don't think Quikr and PayPal would be a safety combo.


when it's so good to be true it's scam online.
don't use paypal for such transactions.
there is Liberty Reserve (LR) same as paypal but in LR you can't send dispute.
once the payment is sent its sent! can't be undone.
or simply ask for wire-transfer to your local bank account if they can't then they are upto something and you just step back.

they are ready to payup double of your offered price because it's not their own money.
i mean there are high chances that they are using stolen credit card details to send money to your paypal.
which will be sent back to the original owner of credit card as he will ofcourse find out about this unauthorized transaction from his credit card and he will contact his bank/credit card company and boom! money will disappear from your paypal. even if you have withdrew it your local bank account you can't control and they will take it back anyhow. thats how paypal ROLL.

it's another dark side of internet.


The Vagrant Seeker
thanks both of you!

he's insisting on paying through paypal...after repeatedly asking him about the delivery address and his cell. no., he seems to be dodging these questions...don't know how to deal with him. should i be firm on asking transfer to be done directly to my bank account now?

EDIT: LOL...after taking his own sweet time, he provided me with this delivery address:


(found this page after googling the name of the person. the address given in the above link is exactly the same address provided to me).

funny thing is, he uses his name as 'nikhil' on gtalk and his email ID, but daughter's name is edith watson?! o_O

UPDATE: I traced the person's location to LA. so that's why he isn't/is unable to provide me his cell. no.
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it is a scam.no US citizen would even think about buying a 2nd hand camera/electronic item from another country as a gift for immediate family member when they have best buy,walmart & many others offering numerous payments methods & discounts.


The Vagrant Seeker
it is a scam.no US citizen would even think about buying a 2nd hand camera/electronic item from another country as a gift for immediate family member when they have best buy,walmart & many others offering numerous payments methods & discounts.


When in doubt, leave it out.

apt/good one-liner!
yes, doing so. he hasn't responded to my nudging him to reveal his location and other details. who cares now!
i will just terminate correspondence with him, and ONLY respond (in the negative, that is) if he writes back sounding desperate to conclude the deal;
or perhaps, better, will just ignore him altogether!


here how this scam works!
i have a stolen credit card details.
i will pay around $50 bucks to USA person to sign a delivery for me at his house name etc.
once he receive the delivery he will sign papers and everything will be taken care of.
then i will ask my another online friend in india to receive a delivery for me he will do the same as above.
then indian friend will send it back to my home.

if shits happens both of the above 2 guys will be in trouble and it might come down to my home but chances are next to never.

so stay away from this guy you are dealing with.
anyone who is not willing to share his cellphone number stay away!
thats what my exp. says.


The Vagrant Seeker
Thank you THB for digging this out!
after some 'disturbing' questions i put to him today, the gentleman is feeling reluctant to reply. arrow shot in right direction. kudos to my fellow members!
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