1. G

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs on HD 6770m ?

    I was trying to run Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Max Payne 3 and Watch Dogs on my laptop (HP DV6-6165tx) and both showed BSOD and instant crashes. I've tried installing latest drivers but nothing worked till now. Has anyone tried these games ?
  2. chandan3

    Driver update

    Which driver r essential for update to play heavy games like max payne 3,crysis 3,bf3 etc
  3. G

    CS:GO or Max Payne 3 or Battlefield 3

    Hi, I wanted to buy a game to play online..but i'm not sure which of the three should i go for, i know all three games are different in terms of their playing styles, but still which one should i buy. -CS will always be there in terms of players and competition. -Max Payne 3 just looks...
  4. H

    Which To Choose

    I have a Pentium 4 3.0GHZ with PCI x16 1.0 and ASUS P5G-TVM motherboard.........I want to upgrade my gpu. Please tell me which one of the following card will support my motherboard and will run games like Crysis, Battlefield 3 and Max Payne 3 smoothly................................Here are the...
  5. N

    Error Blue Screen

    I was installed MAX PAYNE 3 (PC version) on my Following System : AMD PHENOM II X2 555 (3.20 ghz) , 4 GB RAM, 32 bit, Zotac GeForce 560 (2 GB DDR 5) (Driver version 301) , ASUS M4N68T - M LE V2 It was installed perfectly but whenever i am double clicking on the max payne's exe file ...
  6. theserpent

    Max Pane-IOS/Android

    Check it out * Gamers will be able to download Max Payne on their iOS devices from April 12 onwards, while its Android version will go live on April 26. The pricing of the game hasn’t been disclosed by the...
  7. sumit05

    Max Payne 3 gameplay emerges

    Guys check it out here - p3KK0Z-rzlw
  8. sumit05

    Max Payne 3 images are out.

    Hey! guys u can check the screenshots here Rockstar Games Presents Max Payne 3 :mrgreen:
  9. abhidev

    Max Payne 3

    10 reasons to look forward for this game 1) The game will take place 8 years after the events of the second game. Payne has moved out of NYC and is currently killing time (and a lot of people) somewhere in Brazil as a "private contractor". It turns out he didn’t leave NYC on his own accord...
  10. atanupal

    Best all time games for low end/medium graphics cards

    Hi All, Please update me with the best all time games for low end/medium graphics cards: 1. Road Rash 2. NFS 2 3. NFS 3 4. NFS - Porsha Unleased 5. Open Tennis 2000 6. Unreal Tournament 7. Quake 3 8. Top Spin 9. Return to Castle Wolfenstein 10. Max Payne 11. Max Payne 2 12. Serious SAM 13...
  11. ajai5777

    Suggest me some 3rd person action games

    No other games needed. Games like Hitman,GTA series,max payne series,mafia,path of neo,prince of persia,splinter cell,assassins creed etc...
  12. Y

    Vintage Collection.

    Hey Guys out there! can u help me by giving out the names of the games which can be played without graphic card. games like Max Payne, Hitman-Contracts etc. Waiting for feedback! Peace Out!
  13. Sumeet_naik

    Max Payne 3

    Rockstar has confirmed Max Payne 3 which is gonna release in winter 2009. Max Payne 3 is sequel to Max Payne 2. In this sequel Max is away from his city, New York. He's a few years older than he was in previous game. Source -...
  14. hahahari

    Max Payne Fans, In You Come!

    Guys I found a video that talks about the start of the Max Payne Saga. Check it out here. But seriously the monster thingy doesnt feel too proper. Doesnt make that much sense either. max payne the beginning video
  15. R2K

    Longest Gaming Streak

    what is the longest u have ever played a game... Mine was max payne for 6 hours straight ..... so abt u pll:smile::smile::smile:
  16. Plasma_Snake

    Max Payne - The Movie

    Yes they have finally made a Max Payne movie and its being released this 17th October. Mark Wahlberg is the Max Payne and Mila Kunis is Mona Sax,yuck! I mean since we were accustomed to a more sexier, mature and bold Mona , this Ukrainian chick, who speaks like a chirping weasel ain't gonna cut...
  17. P

    Max payne 1 on xp

    Max payne 1 has problem running on xp. It installs correctly but I cannot play the 1st level, an error occurs during the load screen. Max payne 2 ran smoothly on the same computer. solution anyone?
  18. V

    Which game is better: Mafia or Max Payne?

    Maxpayne Vs Mafia Mafia Maxpayne Which is better..???
  19. Third Eye

    Mark Wahlberg as Max Payne?

    Production on the live-action Max Payne adaptation seems to be gathering pace, with the project's director, writer, and most interestingly, a possible star, all announced today. Variety reports that Mark Wahlberg is in talks with Twentieth Century Fox to play the titular undercover cop, who is...
  20. G

    Blue screen while playing games

    Hi guys, I seem to keep getting blue screen errors while playing games such as Max Payne and Fifa 2007....igxpdx32.dll error is the one which occurs most often and then there is 0*0000000A,0*00000008E..the irony is that in my old comp in the running of four years i had maybe be 5-6 bsod....but...
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