Help!! Choice of Cabinet+ heatsink+fan+thermal paste

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I'd really appreciate if you cud help me with the following....

well tmrw i'm gonna go hunt for a decent cabinet & heatsink+fan+thermal paste for my pc with prescott 3.0GHz which sadly is giving me sleepless nights with its high temp...( idle temp arnd 56-58'c)....forget abt paying games ...i can't even fwd divx movies without the temp reaching 70'c.

Anyways i'v decided on a zebronics london series cabinet with 2 120mm fans ( 1 for intake & 1 for blowing air out..) + 400W powersafe PSU...+ artic silver 5 ....if you have something better in mind do post your comments...Btw my budget is arnd say 4000 bucks.

the above would do? or do i need to get a separate heatsink like cooler master vertex dream or hyper6....and if you do recommend the same and if you know where to get them @lamington road....plz let me know...



hay man... even i have the preshottt (prescott)

i was facing the same problem... with the intel stock cooler.. i changed it to ThermalTake big typhoon..

now my temp never cross 60 even while playing game and my machine is up 24 X 7 :)

the big typhoon costed me around 3K.. (dont remember the exact price it 6 months back)
u dont get the latest coolers in india... if any friend is comping from US / UK get from there .. as the online shops doesnt ship to india...
ther is a shop in the Lamington road... who is the authorised dealer of Zalman and theramal take... but no use even he as the old models and not willing to order the new one as he told me "i have sold 10 Zalman coolers in last 6 months.. 2 r still remaining... i have to atleast order 20+ so.... "

even i have got the Artic silver 5... but not apllied yet as the paste came with the big typhoon was sufficient :)


In the zone
u buy the cabinet which has atleast 2 fans in the cabinet excluding smps fan and do remember to apply the thermal paste important for u any thermal paste is good and try to keep the a/c or fan when u r working
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