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Secure your FireFox by tweaking it manually

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In this tutorial I will show you how you can secure your stored password in firefox, by simply adding 2-3 lines in your userChrome.css file. For those who don’t know how to tweak userChrome.css file please refer to Basic Firefox Tweaking Tutorial and Advanced Tweaking Tutorial.

Before getting to the solution lets first see what’s the problem is – In firefox anyone can see your stored password by clicking on a simple button “Show Password”.

Step 1. In firefox go to Tools > Options > Security


Step 2. Click on saved Password button.


Step 3. And now you will see a list of usernames in front of the website name for which you have stored password in your browser. Once you click the button you can see all your stored password just like as shown in figure below.


Though we can use a Master password to protect other user from accessing it, but we can tweak it too to make it more secure.

So if you see the above steps, you can see thatall our stored password were revealed by clicking on the button “Show Password”. So we can somehow remove that button than all our problem will be solved. So how to do that?, just open your userChrome.css file (refer Basic Tweaking tutorial if you don’t know how to open it). Now add the following line in your userChrome.css file and save it. You need to restart your firefox to see changes.

Remove Show Password Button

#BrowserPreferences #showPasswordsBox { display:none !important; }


Hey but we can go a step before that i.e. if we can remove the Saved Password button in the security tab than there is no need to remove the show password button. So add the following line to remove the Saved Password button.

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anyone tested this.
i think this will also helps against FUD Stealers.
please let me know if anyone test it with FUD Stealers.
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