Windows 8.1 not booting (deleted boot partition)


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I used Euseus Partition Master to merge a boot partition to another partition(didnt know it was the boot partition at that time), but after restarting am not able to boot to windows. I get an error message on the boot screen "Boot Device not found. Please install an operating system on your harddisk(3F0)"
I tried system restore, system reset, start up repair and many other solutions I found online such as rebuilding bcd etc. But none worked. I know I can repair it by formatting and reinstalling windows but I want the data, so don't want to start from scratch.
Please help


download ubuntu from here and convert it to live cd with this
boot your unit with the live cd or USB and backup your data onto an external USB hard drive and then reinstall.


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If you have messed up the OS partition system and its gone then there is no other way than installling operating system again, however if only Boot files are gone then you can create them again using Windows Disk and OS will run in no time.
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