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  1. M

    Advantage of Biodegradable Disposable Palm Leaf Plates?

    Do anyone know the advantage of using biodegradable and compostable disposable palm leaf plates?
  2. harshilsharma63

    Need Ergonomic Mouse At Around 1000

    Hi. My current Logitech MK200 bundled mouse is really contributing in palm and wrist pain. I need an ergonomic mouse for around 1-1.3k. I have big hands and I'm a claw gripper.
  3. M

    Got the G400s but find it to be too big.

    I got my Logitech G400s today. I have been playing some FPS games with it. Although, I quite like the tracking, I think the mouse is just too big for my hands. I am also more of a claw gripper and find the mouse to be uncomfortable for my style. I think I would have to change to the palm grip or...
  4. shankar_psn

    Palm Grip Mouse

    I am searching for a good palm grip mouse ... i have large hands so plz suggest me a good palm grip mouse ...
  5. MegaMind

    A gaming mouse.

    Hey guys planning on getting a new mice solely for gaming.. Budget : 3K (can be extended if really worth it) I prefer palm grip mice.. Any suggestions would be appreciated..
  6. S

    Mouse + Mousepad suggestion.

    Hey guys. I need to buy a mouse + mouse pad. Currently own a mx518. served me well.But, I can't palm grip it.I use claw grip. Hands are small ( small palm and long fingers, freaky as **** xD). I was thinking of getting kinzu because of the small size, so that I could even palm it when...
  7. Neo

    Switched On: webOS wherever

    via Engadget This week's release of the HP TouchPad, the first device other than a handset to feature webOS, aptly demonstrates the promise and perils of HP's adopted operating system. The 4:3 tablet provides the large canvas that webOS seemed born to cover. However, like the Xoom and...
  8. soyab0007

    Palm Pixi Web OS

    How is Palm Pixi web os I am planning to buy this phone can we customised or mod this OS.
  9. mohityadavx

    Invisible iPhone

  10. S

    Durable keyboard with Wrist Pad (Palm Rest), Volume & Sleep Control

    Hi Please tell me a durable keyboard with Wrist Pad (Palm Rest), Volume & Sleep Control at least possible budget thanks
  11. ritesh.techie

    Palm Pre - iPhone Killer (as per they say!)

    Palm Pixi as we know it is in news since they pooped a word about it marking it as a iPhone Killer phone. And now it is here a truly killer phone with sleek design and an attractive looks and what more a QWERTY keyboard too... Look what they say on their official site- Introducing...
  12. A

    Is your Palm Pre spying on you?

    Users of the Palm Pre were shocked by reports that the popular little handset periodically phones home with details on where you are, and what you're doing. Is Palm up to no good, and is it the only phone manufacturer that's gathering your info? Read On
  13. NewsBytes

    It’s on! iTunes dumps Palm Pre

    Let’s get ready to rummmmmmmble! Reports and tweets are flying around the Web that Apple’s latest update for iTunes – v 8.2.1 – blocks Palm Pre, refusing to recognise the handset as a valid iTunes-supported player. The reason for doing so, though, remains unexplained. ...
  14. A

    Palm Pre introduced in CES 2009

    The Palm Pre running the latest WebOS(code name: Nova) has been just announced at CES 2009: www.techtree.com/India/News/CES_2009_-_Palm_Intros_the_Palm_Pre/551-97570-615.html
  15. abhimanyu1401

    Special Thread For Owners of Outdated Gadgets and Their Problems

    Well, when you have an old Palm V and a Nokia 3... something, you need help. And so, here it is.
  16. MetalheadGautham

    Open Source in Mobile Phones

    I thought I can start a thread dedicated to open source adaptation in mobile phones. While Desktops and Laptops with distros are waaaay too common, linux has been making great entrances into the just emerging nanobook/umpc platform. But in mobiles, its alwats been an up and down story, since...
  17. satyamy

    Can I convert Palm PC to Desktop PC games

    I downloaded some game from free shareware sites after downloading i came to know these games will only run in Palm PC n not in my Desktop PC can i play it on my Desktop PC's any software to help me..............? Pls tell...............
  18. D

    Palm Zire 72

    Hey got myself a new Palm Zire 72. r there ne zire users out there? with tips or something? i've spent too much on this already....n there's abt 24 mb of memory left. is there ne way tht i cld play back mp3's without a MMC, as some reviews say? I'm in Chennai. Does anybody know ne...
  19. C

    Need software to rip DVD

    where can i get free software that rips dvd's. mpeg4 would be ideal since i have to play it on my palm during a flight, but mpeg will also do, becoz i can change it later.
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