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Invisible iPhone



What kind of touch phone would like to have in your hands ? tough a very sensitive touch screen ? the top edge smartphone up to date is soon to be released from iPhone which will be called as iPhone 5 and this might be released in final quarter of this year and the features we will see in it is the curved glass Display and also some Smaller devices as well and also there will be a NFC support so is the limit over? what else will the features will be in iPhone 5 so the feature might be see as a “Invisible iPhone ” which was created by German Scientists is it true? This is just a “Imaginary iPhone” is a revolutionary one that has the ability to turn your palm into a working iPhone and also you don’t need any iPhone in your pocket can the phone features can be obtained by tapping your palm.


The key members are Sean Gustafson, Patrick Baudisch, and Christian Holz of the University of Potsdam who are able-bodied scientists behind the unique concept of “Imaginary iPhone”. so is this concept can be true it will be a thing of the 21st century phone and the features you will have into it are that wearable depth-sensitive camera for taps recognition on your palm and can also captures the entire movements as a video here is the development seen since the early touch days..


If you still want some more proof about this development you can see the video that we have listed below and thanks to the developers man behind this development



Bond, Desi Bond!
why would anyone even do that given that text-to-speech and speech-to-text is gaining popularity. Gone will be the days when one dials a number.


Legend Never Ends
This is just a “Imaginary iPhone” is a revolutionary one that has the ability
to turn your palm into a working
Feels more like the augmented reality invented by Pranav Mistry of MIT.

anyways, nice find :)


Right off the assembly line
According to Apple, the new iPhone 3GI boasts significant hardware and ... and customizing the invisible phone since purchasing it Monday.
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