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Hey guys planning on getting a new mice solely for gaming..
Budget : 3K (can be extended if really worth it)
I prefer palm grip mice..

Any suggestions would be appreciated..


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At 3k range your best bet would be Razer Deathadder. But i prefer g400 over deathadder simply coz g400 has adequate sized teflon feet whereas deathadder has these really tiny feet which restricts its movement as the mouse pad gets older or dirty. Deathadder should be aroung 2.5k and g400 around 2k. g400 is the best bang for the buck. You will feel comfortable with palm grip on any of these 2.

I would also suggest you to have a look at steelseries kana and steelseries kinzu v2 pro. Both of these should be around 3.5k. These 2 are excellent options but may not suite palm grip coz of being smaller in size.


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No idea about corsair. I have never used it nor do i know anyone who has used it. My advice to you would be to stick with logitech, roccat, steelsries and razer for gaming mouse. Another buggy thing about these gaming grade laser mouse is that if there is even a little bit of dust on its sensor or on ur pad there is a high chance that your mouse won't track properly. Laser mouse works best with a hard pad. Soft pads can also be used if they are cleaned properly.

I had qck heavy and it worked well for like 2-3 months with my steelseries xai. But as soon as it got a little dirty my mouse went haywire. Finally i had to buy a hard pad(Razer Scarab). Thats just my personal experience it may not be the same for everyone. But in my view optical mouse are more reliable.
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Razer Deathadder is highly recommended if your are palm grip gamer.very much comfortable and tracking is near perfection. yes but also get a speed or control edition mouse pad with it.


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Corsair m60 gets my vote . And it look damn sexy

Corsair m60 gets my vote . And it look damn sexy
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