Which Graphics CARD is better???

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Which card is better in terms of Performance/Noise reduction/Warranty Service/Quality

  • EVGA e-GeForce 9600 GT SSC
  • Palit 9600 GT Sonic
  • XFX Geforce 9600GT


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^^All the chipset are same, so difference in performance whether you buy PALiT or XFX or eVGA, all are same. If you want good quality+price => eVGA, only quality => XFX, Bang for the Buck => PALiT :smile:
Just buy the cheapest. BTW, Palit has released 9600GT Super 1GB GDDR3 Edition which costs 6K. Might want to consider it if you intend to show off your GPU memory, but remember that this means unless you run Linux, BSD, Solaris, Macintosh 10.5, or Win64, only 3GB desktop RAM can be used since win32 has a limit of 4GB RAM. 512MB version is 5.5K now, so I am surprised at how cheap GDDR3 has become, its even cheaper than standard PC-DDR3.


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if u want just performance, go for XFX - real gud, though expensive.
but for a gpu with an excellent price-performance ratio, go for palit - they make graphics cards that really giv a bang for ur buck.


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go for palit best value for money
1gb version of these cards will give only little advantage over 512mb version.


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You can go for the Sparkle 9600GT 512MB GDDR3 for Rs. 5500.

It's a half-height card AFAIK, meaning half the size of the regular 9600GT(not PCB). It's heat dissipation is surprisingly lesser and it takes MUCH MUCH lesser space, ideal for a smaller/lower-mid sized cabby with only one fan or none.


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Sparkle 9600GT street price is Rs. 5.5K

& @ OPsou2008 - I'm using Palit 9600GT coz it has dual slot cooler but other 9600GT gfx cards has only single slot cooler. So it will run cooler than other cards.


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palit has better cooling options than most Palit Sonic is quiet good in all means not just best bang of buck. Priced up EVGA and XFX also would not have as good cooling
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