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  1. I

    Noticed pain in wrist, advice wrist pad or mouse pls

    I have been recently noticing some pain in my right wrist(the right side of my wrist) which is my mouse hand. Fearing that I might be developing RSI, I would like to buy a wrist pad. I'm currently using simply a notepad with a cardboard back as a mouse pad with the mouse as a Microsoft Comfort...
  2. Cyberghost

    Metal gear solid v: The phantom pain

    METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Development powerhouse, Kojima Productions, continues forth the ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V Experience’ with the latest chapter, METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain. Ushering in a new era for the franchise with cutting-edge technology powered by the Fox Engine...
  3. harshilsharma63

    Need Ergonomic Mouse At Around 1000

    Hi. My current Logitech MK200 bundled mouse is really contributing in palm and wrist pain. I need an ergonomic mouse for around 1-1.3k. I have big hands and I'm a claw gripper.
  4. Gtb93


    Anyone here , has any idea how to bypass Cyberoam security? not to 'hack' it or anything, just that it restricts a lot of sites in my college and is a big pain.
  5. montsa007

    Acupuncture - Has anyone tried it?

    Suffering from back pain for quite some time. I'm wondering if I should try accu puncture therapy. Does anyone know any good practitioners in Mumbai? Any experiences you can share? My body structure is slim which is also a cause of my back pain.
  6. furious_gamer

    Doctors in India? What is your views?

    It might look like just another debate, but it isn't. It happens to me, and so there is no i-heard-so event in this post. It was 2003, and i had severe stomach pain, all of a sudden, and i never ever got sick like that till that day. I went to nearest doctor, and after lot of tests, he...
  7. ax3

    MTNL woes ! ! !

    any1 facing problem download from web servers [rs,fs,mf etc] ??? for few days downloading from these sites is a big pain 4 me ...
  8. A

    Hacking PCs in a LAN

    I need to hack the LAn and access other Pcs in my Pc as it is a pain in the ass to move from one PC to other
  9. C

    Headphone under 1000

    I know there are a lot of threads regarding this. But my questions are different 1) Which one should i buy? I bought Beetel Boom 10000 for 550 Rs sometime back, but they are a bit too heavy and tight. Also they make my ear and the backside of the neck pain. 2) Where can i buy them? I am...
  10. G

    Not Fair

    Ok, this is not really a technology news, but take a look at the sales at TigerDirect. 1.5 TB Drive - $ 130 Corsair 2 GB Dual Channel DDR2 800MHz - $ 10 BFGTech GTX280 - $325 Acer 22" Widescreen Monitor - $ 170 (I got my 24" Dell for INR 28,000) I just feel like saying two words to the...
  11. K

    How to put images & text together in blogger ?

    I uploaded an image to my blog . And i placed it to the extreme right and started righting besides it . Now i haven't been able to do so . Can anyone help me with this . Thanx for the pain you guys take to help out others.
  12. vamsi_krishna

    Some doubts about gmail.....

    i have a gmail account. And i have the following questions, 1) And i accidentally gave adress to one of the company who uses to send 4 or 5 mails a day. Now how can i do atomatic deletion of that messages. 2) How to delete all messages at once. I am having 2k mails in inbox and it will be a...
  13. S

    Man hypnotises himself before op

  14. pragith.net

    What happened?

    May I know why the thread, "I'm in Pain" locked?
  15. T

    Linux is Pain!!!

    For Guys who doesnt have internet at home. Default installs of any distro lacks few programs that are very much needed mainly Multi Media and Updated Drivres. In case of interent connection its so easy.. Just add to source list and run synaptic Yast, apt-get etc.. But if you dont have...
  16. aryayush

    Rizwanur Rehman was brutally murdered. Help the poor family get justice!

    He was murdered. He was first assaulted and then ruthlessly pushed in front of an oncoming train. Why? For falling in love and daring to marry a girl, one whose parents were strictly against such a relationship because his social and financial status was much inferior to theirs and because he...
  17. napster007

    xp trouble

    hey guys i'm having a problem with winows xp sp2. i had installed it on my system. [config] 3.0ghz p4, 768 mb,intel 915gl mobo. my os used to boot up in somewhat like max 1 minute. now due to some unknown reason it is takin 10 minutes to come to the desktop. the blue bar of xp keeps on going...
  18. rajivrocks

    Saif Ali Khan suffers a heart attack

    Monday, February 19, 2007 (Mumbai): Actor Saif Ali Khan's condition is stable now but he continues to remain in the ICU in Mumbai's Leelavati hospital. The actor was taken to the hospital on...
  19. M

    prob in sharing files on net....

    hi all two comps at my place are connected to the same hub.ping is working fine bet them. but when i try to access the shared files of the other comp it asks me for the password even though there's none. both have win xp+sp2. avast+ spybot. windows internal firewall disabled ips are...
  20. Tom Thomas

    XP user Account

    I have 3 accounts on my PC for family members. Now there are many programs loaded on to my father's account which are not there in my account. Now i do not want to install each and every s/w to my and brother's account. It'll be great pain to put and take out CD's. Also that i don't have...
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