Acupuncture - Has anyone tried it?


~Bulletproof Monk~
Suffering from back pain for quite some time.
I'm wondering if I should try accu puncture therapy.
Does anyone know any good practitioners in Mumbai?
Any experiences you can share?
My body structure is slim which is also a cause of my back pain.


Right off the assembly line
Hi all,
I am also suffering from severe back pain..I have tried various treatments but not able to get a proper solution. But I came to know that accupuncture treatment is somewhat good..Is Accupuncture treatment good or shall we go for yogas?? Can anyone tel me which one to choose??


~Bulletproof Monk~
I happened to have about 6-8 sessions of accuPRESSURE and its extremely effective :)
Though it pains a bit during the session when the guy catches the right point, but its worth :)


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had noticed this thread some days back; and incidentally came upon a link just now, that i thought sharing might help anyone who might be on the look-out for this treatment, like apvkt and the OP above, hence posting it here:

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