1. shayem

    [Want to Buy] A p45 or x48 motherboard

    Hi all, I want to buy a x48 or p45 motherboard under Rs. 2000. Only motherboard and backpanel will be ok for me. So if anyone want to sale let me know. Thanks
  2. S

    Intel C2D e8400,MSI P45 neo,Transcend 3*1gb ddr2 667mhz ram.

    hi all, selling my mobo & ram as i am upgrading. CPU SOLD. Mobo:- MSI P45 NEO. P45chipset. MSI Global - Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more Images. *img839.imageshack.us/img839/498/img20120829100634.jpg...
  3. elton_1991

    (URGENT!!)Need to buy P45 motherboard+DDR3 RAM+600W PSU under 13K

    Hi guys, I need to buy a P45 motherboard and 600W PSU since my old MB and PSU got burned out due to voltage fluctuation :-( I have no idea what the price of a p45 MB is right now and am buying one from Lamington tomorrow!Plz suggest which one I should get.For the PSU,am thinking...
  4. antani_90

    [Want to Buy] Used p45 or p43 motherboard

    guys need a used p45 or p43 mobo for socket 775 cpu and ddr3 compatible:-o
  5. Dangerous Dave

    Motherboard for Q6600

    hello. I need a motherboard for my Q6600 processor. Budget = 5k and I need to buy urgently. P45 chipset preferred. Thank you. :)
  6. tarey_g

    Suggestions Please on this budget gamer config

    Hi all, I am going to buy a gaming PC this month and I need suggestions on the configuration that I have 'so far' decided.I used to be in sync with the latest offerings in the hardware market,but that's 2 yrs back :D, so need help from members who know what to buy now. I am listing the hardware...
  7. N

    Need PC worth 35-40K

    Hi, I am gonna buy new pc with following components only, Proc & motherboard,PSU,cabinet,RAM,GPU,DVD writer & HDD I am not thinking of buying new sys for 2-3 year only can upgrade RAM,GPU later. Uses: Gaming(overclocking), Animation and entertainment. I hv sorted this: 1.Intel Core...
  8. a_to_z123

    Can't play 5.1 sound on my new speakers!

    Hello guys, I'm having trouble playing 5.1 channel sound with my MP3 files. Whether I play them using Winamp or WMP, I can hear sound only thru the Front speakers and not from Center and Rear channels. They work perfectly when testing them thru the driver. I've Realtek audio on my MSI...
  9. J

    Good under-10K P45 mobo...

    Hi, I am upgrading my system, would like to go for P45 mobo under 10K with good overclocking capabilities(preferably asus or msi). Please help me with the mobo. Processor would be E8400.
  10. J

    MSI P45 Neo-F

    I have ordered MSI P45 Neo-F (+E8400) and expecting it within two days. But there seems to be lot of complaints on the web reg the mobo, for eg., @ newegg.com like difficulty in Bios update, problems with Nvidia cards etc. Those of you using it pl post their own personal experiences.
  11. booobooo

    Wire Dangling From My Palit 9600GT Card!!

    My Card Is Working Well But There Is A Wire Besides The Power Cable Which I Do Not Know Where to Put. Please Tell Me...I Know This Much That It Goes In The Motherboard But Where!! My Board Is A MSI P45 Neo-F
  12. X

    FS:MSI P45 Platinum + other stuff

    hi i have a box pack unopened MSI P45 Platinum mobo which I recieved as a replacement for my other mobo. Warranty left 4 months. Will post the pics soon. price of mobo:------- 9k I also have : AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ (939) pin --4 months warranty remaining. ------ 2k 512 mb kingston...
  13. S

    Msi p45 gd engh?

    Hi guys Is the MSI P45 NEo -F good board @ 5.8k?:p Earlier i had decided on Ep31-S3L but my budget has increased by 2.5k Plz reply urgently need to order today....
  14. george101

    Overclocking MSI P45 Neo!!! Help!!!

    i just bought an msi p45 neo for overclocking my C2D E6300 which is jsut 1.86Ghz... but am confused and afraid to continue as it may damage the proc... i searched many overclocking threads but didnt find any1 doing it on msi p45 neo... i dnt want to follow the procedures for another mobo and wud...
  15. rayshatadru

    Motherboard and Intel Chipset P45 Express

    This is the Compatibility question which is between - Two(2) Different Motherboard Manufacturers and the One(1) Single Intel Chipset P45 Express. Recently I am planning to buy a ASUS Motherboard P5Q Deluxe,which has Intel P45 Chipset.[The reason is Intel P45 Chipset based Intel-Original...
  16. hayabusa_ryu

    Need Main Differences between G31, G33, G35 and P35 , P45 chipsets.

    Hello friends, I m compeletly noob :confused: about these things(about chipsets). So, I want the differences between these chipsets (G31, G33, G35 and P35 , P45) . Is there any solid reason for upgrading a medium user like me from 946 board to p45 board. i generally use it for study...
  17. H

    Plz help me out with ma upgradation probs

    hey guys i'm thinking of upgarding my pc. 1st i'm looking 4 a gfx card in the range of 15-20k.in a diff thread i was suggested 4870.wat i was thinking was of buying nVidia (9800GTX+ or GTX 260) cuz nost games r supported by nVidia.so plz suggest me brands which i shall get in Kolkata.also give...
  18. amitash

    great motherboards

    HI with the new p45 and x48 chipsets I want to know which is very good vfm both in p45 and x48...looking forward to replies thanx
  19. R

    p35 or p45

    my old pc has been sent to the trashbin so i have to buy processor, memory, motherboard, psu only so far i have decided on Processor: E7200 psu: coolermaster extreme power 600w motherboard: ? p35 based or p45 based..took a look at abit ip35-e and msi p45 neo-f memory: i thought of using the...
  20. layzee

    The "Insane Overclocker's Delight" Motherboard for about 10K

    Well these days when we talk about overclocking the only thing that restricts us is overheating. So high quality components are needed for better stability. But unfortunately there are only a few boards in the market priced at about 10K that come with quality components like Solid-State...
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