FS:MSI P45 Platinum + other stuff

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i have a box pack unopened MSI P45 Platinum mobo which I recieved as a replacement for my other mobo. Warranty left 4 months. Will post the pics soon.

price of mobo:------- 9k

I also have :

AMD Athlon 64bit 3200+ (939) pin --4 months warranty remaining. ------ 2k
512 mb kingston Ram DDR2 400Mhz --no warranty ------ 1.2k

shipping cost extra

Mumbai buyers preferred



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man u just shocked me with those prices.
no one's ever going to buy ur products with such insane prices.new same prods (xcept socket 939 procy) ost same or less than wat ur asking 4 ur stuffs.

U want Transcend 2GB DDR2 800 MHz sealed ram stick?
i'll give it to u for 1.5k shipped.
so reduce ur price then may be i can buy that mobo for my frnd.
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lolz....joke...errr a ddr2 400 fr 1.2k lolz...want 2gb ddr2 800 for tht much;).....insane prices....i sold my 3000 venice fr 750buxx....with hsf and tht too around 6mnths back with more than a yr warranty left:p
p.s. all stuff insanely priced
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