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p35 or p45

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my old pc has been sent to the trashbin

so i have to buy processor, memory, motherboard, psu only
so far i have decided on
Processor: E7200
psu: coolermaster extreme power 600w

motherboard: ? p35 based or p45 based..took a look at abit ip35-e and msi p45 neo-f
memory: i thought of using the kingston ddr2-800 2gb from the main pc. so i m looking for a better memory ddr2 800 for the main pc...
i took a look at the gskill f2-6400 cl4d-2gbhk, is it any good? have anyone use it? have anyone buy from prime abgb online and how long it take to ship say to eastern india or you have something better to suggest..

basically i dont want to spend much on the motherboard..l m looking for a good value for money one without significant compromise on performance...

actually i can stretch the budget for the motherboard...just not that willing to spend too much now

looking for a bit of advice


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well look like i might as well go for a more common brand like asus, msi, gigabyte...

abit is not that common isnt?

since wouldnt be sli then asus p5q looks like it..at around 8150..might as well spend extra for more support and availability

e7200 - 5700
cm extremepower 600w 3550

i wonder any body from kolkata has bought gskill or ocz ram and from which vendor?
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