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  1. C

    Playing EA GAMES Online

    I just cant figure out how to play these games online..When i try to connect by the multiplayer option in the game it shows that you need to be connected to the EA servers to play the game online.I even made a Origin acc and downloaded origin but still cant play the game online..M trying to play...
  2. axes2t2

    Get some games on Origin for free.

    Use the code OS3874XVC to get $20 off Origin purchases! Can be used to get a $20 game for Free! : GameDeals Idk what this is about.
  3. CommanderShawnzer

    EA Origin related problems/discussion here

    there is a steam discussion thread so i thought to dedicate a thread to the world's most greediest companies' crappy game client ORIGIN Post your origin problems and discussions here i also request other members to add links to resolved origin problems here
  4. samudragupta

    issues with origin

    hi friends since i have updated origin from 8.6 to 9.0 i am not able to see any of my purchased games. i contacted ea cc however the idiots havent replied since 10 days. i did uninstall and reinstall origin but the same issue. any help would be appreciated.
  5. A

    Proxy help needed.

    I'm in the college hostel and they have blocked torrents using cyberoam and i cant even log in to origin to play battlefield :( is there any solution for it ??? please move it to networking thread.
  6. 101gamzer

    Make your Own Custom Gaming laptop

    When I just surfing I found this interesting article about this: Source: http://tbreak.com/tech/2012/06/getting-serious-about-gaming-with-origin-pcs/
  7. samudragupta

    battlefield 2 update issues

    hi friends i just managed to download BF2 via EA's origin and when launching the game i got a message to update the game. I did so and now im stuck on the screen file loader-00.fbrb. It seems to be very very slow...Is there any way i can manually download the update/patch or should i just wait...
  8. Reaper_vivek

    EA Origin 1st Anniversary Sale : 50% of on Major titles

    Couldn't find an existing thread, weird, anyways 50% off on most EA titles.. Origin - Welcome Mass Effect 3 @Rs 750 (Digital Deluxe Edition Rs 999) Dead Space 1 @250 Dead Space 2 @350 Mirror's Edge @200 Alice : Madness Returns @500 Crysis @150 Battlefield 3 @750 (B2K expansion @300)...
  9. digitaltab

    how to add bioware friends to origin account

    I have made some friends on bioware social network and i want to add them to my origin account but there is no option in origin to add bioware friends, how to add them, i don't want to ask their email ids, suggest the possible ways.. my purpose is multiplayer gaming on bioware games which are...
  10. S

    Laptop For 3d Applications

    Dear Friends, I am looking for my Workstation replacement Laptop, which can handle software's like 3ds max 2012 & other softwares (3D Games as well) without any compromise. Budget is not a limit. The laptop shouldn't get outdated for the next 5 years. I googled some Laptops which can meet...
  11. zubair.s.kazi

    steam and origin

    okay i checked the price of nfs hot persuit on steam and origin... on steam it was 50$ whish is ~2500rs. but in origin it was only 999rs. whats the difference and where should i buy from? does steam have any particular advantages? also nfs undercover costs more in origin though not by that...
  12. static_x

    The Ultimate Gaming System (or) Desktop, Console or a Beast?

    Mate a premium gaming desktop with one of the big names in game consoles and you’ll have a Big O. The ORIGIN PC Big O offers the best of PC and console gaming as it integrated a liquid cooled XBOX 360 slim directly into a high performance desktop. The only downside is title wise, most XBOX 360...
  13. M

    Infosys or Atos Origin

    Hello, I got selected for infy from campus and also for Atos Origin through the off campus recruitment of AO. Help me select one of these. I understand that infy will provide me a better platform but with AO I have some hope of working in my city...
  14. sam9s

    FEAR 2 : Reborn

    Being a HUGE HUGE fan of FEAR Franchise and having played all FEAR installments, was eagerly waiting for Reborn, and here is my tiny miny update. FEAR 2 Reborn by far has the toughest gameplay till now in the entire FEAR Franchise and if you ask me I'd definitely say this is the best pro...
  15. surinder

    Name the best horror game

    According to you which is the best horror game till date. My favorite is F.E.A.R 2 project origin.
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