1. Akira

    EA bans Origin in Myanmar, no Refunds

    Source: NDTV and Reddit And they wonder why they're the "Worst Company in the world". It's actually sad how pirates have it better than actual paying customers.
  2. Cyberghost

    Origin users reporting unauthorized purchases appearing on their accounts

    [Update: Electronic Arts says its investigation into the matter has come up empty. "We found no indication at this point of a breach of our Origin account database," an EA rep said. "Privacy and security of user account information are of the utmost importance to us. We encourage our players to...
  3. S

    On the house Free games from Ea

    Here is the faq Free?! What's the catch? There's no catch. Grab full games, expansions and more at absolutely no cost. Just make sure to act fast because On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time. You mean a trial or demo, right? Nope. You’re getting a full...
  4. Cyberghost

    How to backup and restore Origin Games??

    Hii I recently bought simcity from origin. I want to know how to backup this origin game.... Please help....
  5. kartikoli

    Will Origin ban an account for installing pirated version game on a PC

    I want to play my BF3 (original) on a friends PC but he has pirated version of BF4 installed so i am worried if i login to my account then what will happen. Will Origin detect a pirated BF4 and ban my account? Please suggest as i dont want to get banned and lose around 7 games in my library
  6. Y

    Simcity plus edition

    SIMCITY PLUS EDITION which has both original game and cities of future dlc is right now being sold on origin for 1000rs ... but unfortunately i cant buy it because origin will not accept my credit card can someone please tell me how can i get my hands on simcity plus edition for 1000rs are...
  7. Y


    hi how many of u guys use entropay vcc to buy games online.... i got entropay vcc because my indian debit card is not accepted.... i want to know how many of u people actually use entropay to buy a game on origin!! i have been trying to register it to origin account but it says your credit card...
  8. Y

    Origin problem

    when i try to add my debit card or credit card to my origin account it simply says "your credit card could not be verified" can some one please tell me how to buy a game on origin!
  9. A

    Entropay Problem:Help asap

    Hi, I am using entropay vcc and I have around $33.14 in it So I was trying to buy Fifa 14 from origin but origin always declines the payment btw fifa cost Rs. 1,749.30 and I also own debit cards of axis and sbi banks (AFAIK They don't work with origin ) Since I am buying for 1st time from...
  10. R

    origin download speed too slow....

    my origin download speed is around 70 KBps where as in utorrent and steam i am getting well over 200.......... what's the matter
  11. tushar.gandhe

    Feeling lonely on origin!

    Hey everyone..i just got into EA's Origin thing and man i feel lonely there... so add me up? tushar_gandhe I am on SimCity, BF3 and NFSMW! :) thanks! :) P.S- i did do a search on the forums for a similar thread but didn really come across one!
  12. snap

    Origin store introduces refund system for your games

    As the title says Origin store introduces refund system for your games - GSMArena Blog
  13. anuragsinghh

    hey guys in which bank should i open my account for steam and origin

    i'm going to open a account in a bank but i'm really confused because my main motto for this account is for purchasing games from steam , origin , game4u and flipkart etc so what do i need for this ? credit card or debit card or both ? and how can i get these from my bank , so guys please share...
  14. healerneil

    [For Sale] Battlefield 3 Premium + Origin account

    Hello there. I have decided to sell off my origin account as I barely get time to game nowadays. If anyone would be interested, kindly send me a PM Games Included in the account: 1. Battlefield 3 Limited Edition + Premium 2. Battlefield 4 Beta Access 3. Battlefield Bad Company 2 Digital Deluxe...
  15. R

    SimCity India

    Hello everyone, Anyone who are playing Simcity and want to play together are invited to my city. I have a city named Indian City on Asia2. PM me your Origin Id so that I can add and pass the invite.
  16. D

    My experience with Origin and EA support

    2011, pre-ordered BF3 limited edition. Well never got time to play it and was busy with my steam library.. played the singleplayer campaign in offline mode and never touched the multiplayer part. At end of 2012, decided to give multiplayer a try. Download the whole 15gb game, and tried to...
  17. sam142000

    battlefield 3 online playing problem

    I get this error everytime I try to log into any server. "Game disconnected: could not join server" OR sometimes "Cannot connect: EA online"(something like this) Already tried: Reinstalled Origin, the game itself, the ESN sonar thing. Clearing browser cache Using different browser...
  18. R

    [For Sale] Battlefield 3 Price Rs 999/-

    Battlefield 3 for sale Price only Rs 999/- Save 500 Rs Details: 1. *Model number and details: Battlefield 3 ordered from Origin Store 2. *Date of purchase: 1 January, 2012. 3. Reason for sale: Not playing the game. 4. Warranty details: 5. *Expected Price: Rs 999/- 6. *Location of...
  19. Samarth 619

    Origin Game Install Issue

    Guys, I can't get past the DRM bullshit once again... Its been 1 hour and all I managed was a 0% download. I'm so angry I just smashed my Need for Speed: the run's box on the floor!!! :evil: One of the DVD's (Disc No. 1) is in my drive but Origin is not using it to install the game. I have an...
  20. CommanderShawnzer

    how to get greater download speeds in steam/origin?

    well i ust got MTNL broadband (1.75 Mbps) and i am downloading something on origin but its downloading on 50-60 kbps speed? why?
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