1. nikufellow

    [ADVICE]10k Android that can be bought offline

    Screen 5+ hd (720p+) Cam - doesn't matter preferably marshmallow Benchmarks dont matter just expecting decent performance for browsing/using social apps Would like to avoid mediatek but open to considering it if they're the only viable option Can extend budget ~1-2k if worth it edit ...
  2. G

    Please recommend Good Exercise Biker?

    Hello, to all of you. I am searching some good Exercise Biker.My budget is limited to Rs.5000, Please recommend some good one either online or offline, also please tell what to look for in the biker?Thank You. Regards, GEEK_LEARNS
  3. rohitshakti2

    Copying Youtube offline videos and ES explorer problem

    Hi friends I am using youtube offline feature from simetime now. It is nice feature but if we don't use internet for a few days, the offline files can't be accessed. Is there any way to copy those files to my SD card so that it can be viewed anytime with or without internet and can also be...
  4. vidhubhushan

    Penta Windows Tablet

    someone saw and asked opinion on it. Penta | Intel & Microsoft 8 inch Tablet With Keyboard & Mouse | use is reading ebooks, net surfing, youtube etc., offline movies and may be skype. any opinions / reviews for it.
  5. Zangetsu

    TV brought from online is eligible for warranty

    This question came to me when I was browsing through e-commerce sites (FK, Snapdeal etc) and found that prices of TV there are very less as compared to offline stores and official brandstore. Do LG/Sony/Samsung etc entertain TVs bought from online websites in warranty and after sales...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    HELP: At&t LG G2 (Rooting and Offline Upgrading to Lolipop)

    Just got AT&T's LG G2 D800 (Unlocked) from for Rs 16,000. It is manufacturer refurbished Comes with 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.0 Build KOT49l. D80020y Software version D80020y I tried to upgrade it to Lolipop, butwhen i click Software update it says not updates available. Is it...
  7. rohitshakti2

    Can't save google maps in android phone

    Hi I am trying to save maps on Moto E but am not able to find the settings to save the map for offline use. Please help. I have the latest maps apk installed. Regards
  8. ax3

    no images in offline mode ! ! !

    hi, am using firefox 36 ... if i want to re-visit a particular website offline, images dont appear ... they dont get cached ... this problem didnt happen with older versions of FF ... any solution or any1 facing same issue ??? thanx
  9. A


    I have an English paragraph. now i want to translate it in benlai language is there any offline software . - - - Updated - - - i n bengali language
  10. bajaj151

    Urgent: Please suggest laptop

    Starting new thread...Old one was messed up... 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 28k (as offline price is GENERALLY 1-2k more) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 15.6 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Music +...
  11. rohitshakti2

    Maps & CM10 updates for Pantech Burst

    Hi friends I am looking for an application for my Pantech Burst for offline maps. Nokia had released its maps application. Can anyone tell how is it as compared to Google maps and from where can I download it and also the offline Delhi maps. Is there any other application which is equally...
  12. D

    want to download offline android apps

    dear all i want to download android games/apps offline files.. can anyone let me know the latest games/sites which can be downloaded in laptop and then installed in phone(without internet)??? tnx
  13. J

    navigation on phone

    I've got Micromax CanvasHD 116, which comes in handy for navigation when I go out of station. The problem starts when there is no sufficient network coverage,the phone can't even properly locate my position. I've seen the likes of Samsung GalaxySII to be able to navigate in offline mode also. I...
  14. S

    Here maps on Android

    Have anybody tried porting Here maps on Android. I was searching for good offline navigation for Android in India however no maps could match the ease and places shown in Here maps :banghead::banghead:. Any good suggestion on maps in Android is also fine however it needs to be offline and should...
  15. vedula.k95

    All Wordpress Mafias Help Me out.

    hey guys these days i am referring to Wordpress Site Tutorial of in 2010) and right now i have downloaded Bitnami + Wordpress bundle *i have some question in my mind do i have to use Wamp or it seems to me like the new bundle is already integrated with Mysql *i was blogging in...
  16. ramakanta

    Google Maps For Offline Use

    How to save Google Maps with High definition for offline used for specific location or Village ???
  17. vidhubhushan

    Simple Camera Under INR 6000

    Simple Camera Under INR 8000 a friend wants to buy his first digital camera. budget is Max. INR8000, the lesser the better. he won't be getting the pics printed and even if does that, he is not going to get large prints of them (at least in near future). in such a situation I think more...
  18. A

    Gaming on tf700

    hey guys, i have bougght an asus tf700 to play games only. but i couldn't find titles like asphalt, wild blood and many on google play. is there any way to get them offline legally or to buy from anyother site. can anything be done???
  19. P

    CS Global Offensive Maps Install

    I have tried some of the ways that i could understand for installing custom maps but it didn't work(it didn't show the maps when i search it inside:- play with bots in offline mode)... I tried this map-> "aim_rain_final_version" Please tell me how to make it work... and take the above map as...
  20. S

    Offline Downloader?

    Hey guys, I wanted to know if is there any free Offline Download server or a cloud? I mean, if I have a file of like 4GB and I don't have that much disk space on my HD. So I'll download files on that cloud. Then clear the HD or some disk space on some drive, and then download the file on my...
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