Copying Youtube offline videos and ES explorer problem


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Hi friends

I am using youtube offline feature from simetime now. It is nice feature but if we don't use internet for a few days, the offline files can't be accessed. Is there any way to copy those files to my SD card so that it can be viewed anytime with or without internet and can also be forwarded to anyone.

Secondly, I am using ES explorer. I had encrypted some video files but after the update done on my explorer I am unable to decrypt those files. I even tried installing and doing decrypting those files with old version, but it is still saying "task failed".

Please help


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For ES Explorer issue, you should probably contact to their support.

No idea about Youtube offline issue. Tubemate ftw.


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You cant transfer the offline videos cause they are in a DRM protected format


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Dear friends,

I have uploaded youtube offline videos to my mobile app and easily accessing the same. I have one doubt on this offline matter. I am using a specific account to signin and use the Offline feature of the APP. Once when i tried logging in another android mobile with the same Account, My Offline videos are not visible or not shown up. Is this will be available only to that mobile hardware which made the upload or will be available for all the Mobiles logged in with that same gmail account.

Kindly make a few points on this matter for usage and clarification.
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