1. C

    New cabinet

    I have a HAF-X, I find it too large for the config I have. I am planning to shift to a Mid Tower. Can someone suggest me a midtower case around 7-8k. Will be purchasing it in Bangalore. Things to be considered. 1. Side panel to showcase the hardware 2. 2*USB3 Ports and 2*USB2 ports in the...
  2. bajaj151

    [Query] NZXT Service Center

    I want to RMA Nzxt Hue. PrimeAbgb not responding..
  3. L

    NZXT Gamma in Mumbai?

    I want to buy a decent cheap Cabinet so shortlisted NZXT gamma and found its not available in Delhi. On some threads i found out its probably available on local shops in Mumbai!! Now i have a interview in Mumbai on 12th July and will reach there on 11th morning so i want to know from where i...
  4. nomad47

    [For Sale] Two months old NZXT Guardian 921RB Blue

    Model number and details: Two months old NZXT Guardian 921RB Blue. The CPU thermal probe is showing error. Rest is in pristine condition Date of purchase: March 2014 Reason for sale:Got a new cabinet Warranty details: Expires on March 2016 Expected Price:4000 shipped Location of...
  5. small_yet_big

    How to connect NZXT FAN HUB GRID

    Hello, I have a CM Elite 311 and want to install NZXT FAN HUB GRID WITH 10 PORTS. But i am confused where to fix it actually. Could anybody there help me out with some videos or pictures so that i can install it. Thanks in advance.
  6. nomad47

    NZXT Phantom 240

    NZXT has announced the Phantom 240 a mid tower chasis. Claimed as the lowest priced phantom yet it will be a worthy buy for gamers looking for good airflow and excellent cable management. The cabinet has provision for 2 front 120 mm fans, 1 each at rear and bottom 120 mm, and 2 top mounted 140...
  7. D

    [Query] NZXT Service Mumbai

    Hello everyone, Today one of the wires which connects the power button of the cabinet came out. So wanted to solder the wire. Anybody knows where I can fix this problem? using NZXT Gamma Cabinet. Thank you..
  8. bajaj151

    Nzxt Hue Color Problem

    I received Nzxt Hue from primeabgb 2 days back. Problem is, only white color is displaying on led strip. Rotating the 3 knobs, not changing any color. What should I do? - - - Updated - - - Problem solved :)
  9. R

    Budget PC for Web Development

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Web development on PHP, MySQL, Apache, some graphics work...
  10. Limitless

    Heatsink for AMD FX8350

    Hi Guys, Can you suggest me good heatsink or Processor Cooler CPU:- AMD FX8350 Cabinet:- NZXT source 210 window Budget:- Rs.2000-3000 Currently Using Stock Heatsink :)
  11. D

    Cabinet in range of NZXT gamma

    I have bought NZXT gamma 2 days ago and it was shipped to the shop I bought from pirmeabgb, mumbai. When I first unpacked it, a small broken piece front panel dropped on my bed. I contacted the dealer, and he said he can let me buy another and he will pay be the left amount or i need to pay...
  12. Ironman

    PSU Question (in a hurry)

    My System i7 4770k + z87 pro + 8 gb ram +CM CPU cooler + NZXT Phantom 410 + GPU like 7970 (After a few months) So i first selected Corsair HX 650 but the price is too high i think around 8k Q1.Should i stick with 650 w or should i lower it to 550w or 500w ? Q2.If i stay in 650w...
  13. S

    Cabinet for 4K

    Hi Guys, I need a new cabinet. Budget - 4k. My config - FX-8350, Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0, Corsair Vengeance 8GB X 1,Seasonic S12II 520, SSD to be added later. Applications used - Maya, Vray rendering, Zbrush. Desired Features - Good Cable management+airflow, Front usb3. Is there any...
  14. RohanM

    Gamma - NZXT or CM K380

    Hello guys, need opinions. which one is best & why ?
  15. BombayBoy

    Suggestions for Cabinet around INR 3000

    Hi, Please suggest a good cabinet around the price range of 3000 (+300 on the upside). No local brands. I am considering the NZXT Gamma, Cooler Master K350, CM N300, NZXT Source 210 and BitFenix Merc. Thanks :)
  16. Harshverma

    Help in Case budget 6.5k max !!

    My Config : Fx8350 Asus M5A97 R2.0 Gskill RipjawsX 4x2gb corsair GS700 (beacause of 3 LEDs options) Sapphire HD 7870 2GB XT Boost WD Black 1Tb help me out in good looking mid tower case , budget 6.5k (max stretch 7k) as i will overclock my rig so a better cooling arrangement is...
  17. R

    CPU cooler that fits in NZXT Gamma

    Hi there My PC's specs are AMD FX 8120 Gigabye 990XA-UD3 2+1 TB Hard Drive 160 gb Intel SSD 12 gb KVR Nvidia 550ti Corsair 500W power supply NZXT Gamma I'm looking for a CPU cooler and the budget is strictly Rs.2,500. I've heard great things about Hyper 212 EVO and...
  18. bssunilreddy

    [For Sale] NZXT Phantom 410 Black (1 month old) Cabinet

    For Sale: NZXT Black Phantom 410 Cabinet 1. Model number and details: NZXT Phantom 410 Black 2. Date of purchase: 11,April,2013 3. Reason for sale: Bought Corsair 300R Cabinet 4. Warranty details: 2 Years from 11,April,2013 5. Expected Price: 4500/- (Price Reduced) 6. Location of Seller...
  19. flyingcow

    NZXT Guardian 921 vs. CM HAF 912 w/ SP

    Guys please tell me which one should I get, the NZXT 921 or the CM HAF 912 with side panel. The difference is only 300 rs. ( HAF 912- 4600 NZXT 921-4900 Please help me decide, my budget is 4k And yeah, please tell why one is better than other. Thank you other components...
  20. B

    Question about cabinets

    I have a basic question about cabinets. All this time I thought any cabinet will do, but after seeings posts on this forum, I've realized that the cooling given by good cabinets is also important. Now most people recommend the NZXT Gamma cabinet, so does it have inbuilt fans? What do they charge...
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