Has my Mobile service been compromised ?


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Hello Digit'ians,

Want to get your views on something strange that has happened as with me. I wasn't having any facebook account but lately around 4-5 days, i've been receiving text msgs from that official facebook no. 51555 that xyz, mnp etc. accepted your friend request. Curiously, i then checked up on fb and found one profile that was linked with my mobile number but not in my name*www.techenclave.com/community/styles/default/xenforo/clear.png This surprised me for sure but what was more startling was the fact that the guy had 23 friends out of which around 15 were from his own community but remaining one's were my present and the ex-colleagues at workplace. Then i took got to some work, accessed that account fully and checked the details thoroughly. That person has also sent some friend requests to my present work colleagues. I immediately cancelled all the sent friend requests, unfriended the known contacts, delinked my mobile as primary login and associated one email id to that account which i created and gave the request for deletion of that account. It would be done in the next 14 days as per FB notification.

So now what needs to be questioned is :

1.) How the number got linked to that account ? Doesn't that need an OTP to verify it. I am 100% sure that a msg for an OTP frm FB wasn't recvd on my mobile which i might have clicked knowingly/unknowingly.

2.) The phone in question is a Lumia and linked to an Outlook account and only i'm having the login details. Then how come that person got access my contacts which were stored on the phone ? The point to be noted is only office colleagues were there in the list (both accepted and requested friends) and none of say friends/relatives.

3.) Is there a possibility of SIM cloning ? I did contact Airtel but they told me that if a SIM is linked with two diff. IMEI's, one automatically gets trashed and won't work. The SIM checks the IMEI before starting up itself when connecting. That's what the Airtel executive told me and hence not so sure of the legitimacy.

4.) I haven't taken any precautionary measures as such up till now as far as banking is concerned. I'm not having any mobile banking activated but yes, net banking is activated for which i get the OTP's on my no. Should i be worried ? I don't think any transaction can happen just based upon Mobile no. Other details like Card No., Personal Details etc. are needed for verification.

5.) Should i trash that number and get a new one ? Although i don't wish to do that because it's been quite a while since i'm having this no.

Looking forward to all your possible support. Thanks :)
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