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Want to buy note 4


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I want to buy note 4 next month.. 91 mobiles has put 15% cashback offer money refunded within 4 weeks... Is the offer a hoax or did someone buy using the coupon... Please help


Broken In
Fill the questionnaire. Buy from legit sites/sellers only.

I am buying it from ebay but 91mobiles provides coupun code. It shows in the site like this

How to avail cashback:
Go to eBay and purchase a product using coupon code 91MOBILE09. Ensure that you see "Rs 0.01" discount on your product.
Complete your order & go to Claim Your Gift Voucher - 91mobiles
Submit your email ID, eBay PaisaPay ID (Order ID) & bank a/c details.
Cash back will be processed by 91mobiles in 40-45 days.
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