One Plus X or Redmi Note 3?


OPX for your requirements, and RN3 for battery life.

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Seeing your requirements, I too would suggest you to go for an OnePlus X. But if having a finger print scanner & a larger display is a priority go for the RN3.


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Which one should I buy under 15K?

One Plus X or Redmi Note 3

I need a better camera and display

The display quality of OnePlus X and Redmi Note 3 is quite comparable. Redmi Note 3 might even be a bit faster in the benchmarks.

But in my opinion, camera is slightly better in OnePlus X. But the difference is not major.

I suggest to you, you have already budgeted 15k for a phone. Add 8k more and get OnePlus 2. The speed and clarity of camera will amaze you. Truely fast camera. Really good quality too. Superb multitasking too. That is my opinion. For 15k, you get a 16 Gb OnePlus X. Instead, put 23k for a 64 GB OnePlus 2. Well worth it.

Else wait for Lenovo Zuk Z1 which also has Snapdragon 801 processor, 3 GB RAM, 64 Gb internal memory and 16 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization for 13.5k. That seems like a very good phone too. Three times the storage of OnePlux X with 1.5k less price and similar specs.

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I think Redmi Note 3 should be a definite choice in here, as Qualcomm will support the 650 processor more than 801 used by OnePlus X which should be near the EOL (End of Life). This would mean hardly any updates to Android on the older processor.


OPX display is far superior compared to RN3. It's OLED vs LCD.

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On a lighter note, Flipkart is biting the dust today with LeEco Le 1s Eco sale today. Bonkers :))


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I like the style of Redmi Note 3. You may also take a look on HTC devices. They are stylish and cool.
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