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should i overclock or not??

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i have a intel i945G/GZ MoBo with intel core 2 duo at 2.0 ghz. Integrated graphics
of 82945g express chipset. Ram = 1024 Mb ddr2-sdram @333 Mhz (hyundai electronics)

I know this is poor configuration but my question is whether i can overclock it or not?
i have never OCed before but researched a bit on net and i will like to oc even if i can
increase 5% performance change. Plus,if you have any tips for me, plz give mates.


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Overclocking on an Intel mobo is a bit of sticky job from what i've heard so far. I have seen a burn in mode in the bios but I have no idea what it does.


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I would suggest you not to take risk & go for OC, rather wait for some time, and try to look for upgrading options if you feel lack in performance of your current system. :)

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I have a similar query.
I own a p4 2.0 GHZ proccy on a MSI - PM8M V mobo. Can I overclock on this?
Also I won a AGP Zebronics 7300 GT card. Can it be overclocked? Have heard about ntune and rivatuner, but would like to get your responses.
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