1. A


    I am building a new gaming PC and I am deciding to buy the parts from lamington road.But does anyone have any idea about Premdeep Computers My IT World Micron Computer Neo Dynamic All 4 quoted me a price lower than Prime Abgb for the same parts.
  2. masterkd

    [For Sale] Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Nexus 5

    Model number and details: Spigen Neo Hybrid case for Nexus 5 Date of purchase: Do not remember Reason for sale: Laying unused Warranty details: NA Product Condition: I have hardly used this one. Using the Ultra Hybrid and kinda settled with that. Expected Price: Rs. 1000 (Shipping at...
  3. sshaggy

    Help me select: Note 3 Neo or Note 2

    I'm planning to get a new Android device. With a budget of 25-27k, I am aiming for Note 2, or Note 3 Neo. I already own Lumia 520 which suffices as my main phone, and is used for calling and other phone related stuffs. This one will be used as a secondary phone, mainly for multimedia...
  4. S

    [Want to Buy] Bricked Sony Xperia neo V

    Does anybody have a bricked Xperia neo V phone to sell?:|
  5. S

    Headset for Neo V

    Hi, Guyz can you tell me which headset would be compatible with my Neo v phone (interested in IN-THE-EAR) Budget would be Max 2.5k Thanks in advance just wanted to listen to the music not that interested in Mic , but one more thing i have seen most of the headset is not...
  6. S

    Headset for Neo V

    Hi, Guyz can you tell me which headset would be compatible with my Neo v phone (interested in IN-THE-EAR) Budget would be Max 2.5k Thanks in advance
  7. S

    xperia neo L wont read sim

    my xperia neo L display was broken, i got replace the new display it was bit hard to find the matching one, now display work find but neo L is unable to read sim card, it reading none of sim, i tried for few place to get repair but they are unable to sort out the problem, they are unable to...
  8. RohanM

    My Nexus 4 Unboxing.

    Today bought The Beauty & the Beast by Google. 8-) Enjoy the show guys. All pics clicked with Neo V in low light.
  9. G

    best smartphone under 13k

    Now my father lost his previous phone recently and he has been looking to buy a new phone. he is looking at more of a good looking phone rather than the power under the hood how is the HTC desire C. and how is the sony neo l i was searching the net and found that it was quite good and one...
  10. C

    unable to unlock bootloader

    Been facing a problem trying to unlock the bootloader vis-a-vi the official sony website. Trying to install, for the first time, cyanogen mod 9 on my xperia neo v. Anyone done that, would be great for help and feedback on how that went.
  11. A


    Dear Friends i wana root my sony xperia neo L can any one help how to root it? thanka
  12. A

    Buying Sony Xperia Neo L with servepro warranty

    Hey guys, I'm planning to buy a Sony Xperia Neo L. So is it worth to buy this mobile with servepro warranty or should i go for manf. warranty. Plz. suggest.
  13. D

    Confused between the 3

    Guys please help me in finding a better one among these Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo L Sony Xperia Neo U or is there any mobile competing with these three
  14. A

    Which one is better and why?

    1. Budget? 15k. But wouldn't mind exceeding to 20K if its worth. 2. Display type and size? The bigger the better. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? No flip. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Sony, Nokia, Samsung. Please don't suggest Motorola or spice or lava or such Indian brands. 5. Preferred...
  15. P

    is xperia Neo V better?

    I will buy a phone next month my budget is strictly around 15 k primary use is music, videos, Gaming, offline GPS. android 2.3 or higher. Front camera is prefarable. Big screen 3.5 or higher inch screen. Long battery back up. Considering NEO V. Is there any better option
  16. akhilc47

    simple question 710 or LIVE?

    Hi I've around 15k to spend. I need a smartphone. I'm stuck with lumia 710 and sony ericsson live with walkman. Which OS should I go for ? Never before used windows. My brother has a neo v which I think is cool. Is there any issue with windows?
  17. M

    Sony Xperia Neo L 3G Android ICS phone review

    Sony has come up with several Xperia phones at a jerk and Xperia Neo L is one of them. The new phone not only target common men, but also the business class consumers with advanced messaging, file management and data transfer features. Sony Xperia Neo L measures 121 x 61.1 x 12.2 mm and...
  18. M

    neo v ics updates quick....

    Hey guys. I hav a xperia neo v and would like to know when i can update it to ics as sony as alredy rolled out the updates but my phone says software is up to date.... Pls inform fast. Btw my phone is on vodafone.....
  19. A

    Wich one to go from these three. Xperia Neo V vs Xperia Pro vs HTC One V

    HI Guys Please suggest:-? me which one is much better from these three. Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro HTC One V I will buy :razz:the handset in the first week of May. :wink:
  20. R

    Advice on mobile with best cam for about 15 k. Neo V? Ray? Desire S?

    Guys, looking to buy a mobile in the range of 10 - 15 k. The most important requirement is a good cam. One that is good with low light is a big plus. In this budget, the following seem the best options: Xperia Ray Xperia Neo V Xperia Neo HTC Desire S Xperia Ray - Will have to buy...
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