1. akhilc47

    Reliable pc hardware shops in bangalore

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend any pc hardware shops in bangalore where I can get all the hardware at a reasonably low cost. I heard there are a few good shops at SP road, any names? Thanks
  2. KDroid

    Football Manager 2015

    Thinking of buying Football Manager 2015. Haven't played any earlier versions but find it quite interesting. Now, before I decide to buy, I want to give it a shot. So I downloaded the *ahem* version. It has all the player names randomly generated. No real names. I'm hoping this is a problem...
  3. S

    [Query] Good Shops to Buy from on Ritchie Street??

    Hey All!! I am going to buy the Sapphire HD 7770 from Ritchie Street in Chennai. Would like a few names of trusted/reliable shops. Also the names of shops to avoid. Thanks for Your Time, Shiva
  4. adityak469

    A List Of Online IT Shops

    there are many online shops providing IT components at a better rate than FK and SD,but they are not popular . This thread is for new comers(which i am) who only know FK and SD.I di a little research on this forum to find out some names..
  5. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Need some names of free web hosting services.

    Hai friends, I am planning to buy a .me based domain this week. Is there any free web hosting sites available. I searched in google and got some names like for free web hosting, is there any way to host my website for free?
  6. patkim

    gen query on wifi security by ISPs

    Hi friends...I was wondering what type of security is be implemented by ISP's providing WiFi internet. When I run inSSIDer on my laptop I find some SSIDs listed (By their name they appear as ISP names) eg. SSID name is set as <ISP name>-<area> and the network security is OPN (Open) however you...
  7. O

    app help

    are there any paid tech magazines for ios? also is there thinkdigt on ios? and tell names of other magazines than thinkdigit also thnks in advanc
  8. windchimes

    Netbook / Laptop

    Hi guys, The requirement I have is to have a laptop/netbook for my sister . Budget around 25k a) For basic office work - documents, presentation b)Browsing internet c) Storing Pics etc. No tmuch of a brand preference but would prefer to go with reputed names. Quality battery and...
  9. gameranand

    Changing File Property from System file to Normal

    I downloaded some files in my college but unfortunately that PC was infected badly so it basically changed all the files properties to System Files and Hidden. As the files are system files so I am unable to unselect the hidden property which is a real pain for now as I have to use the Folder...
  10. A

    HD7750 in Kolkata???

    I wish to know some shop names which sell HD7750 @ 6.2K - 6.5K . I considered buying from flipkart but they seem to be overpriced. I found few threads at Digit regarding the topic but I am not a resident of Kolkata so I couldn't understand a thing. What I need is some specific shop names and...
  11. axes2t2

    Anyone wants 75% off steam coupon for Portal 2 ?

    If yay then put your steam names here and I will use the randomizer thingy to pick a winner.
  12. B

    Abusive Teacher

    Hey guys, I was worried so i wanted to went it out and ask some people here, coz people here are very helpful and i hope you all will help me. My teacher calls me names like Gadha(donkey), pagal(stupid), chaman(idk what that means), when my work is not good, i mean NO one in this world can...
  13. A

    registry editing

    Can anybody tell me how to edit value names in windows registry? By key I mean which name to be used? e.g. Key: (HKCU|HKLM)\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer Value Name: NoViewContextMenu Value Type: REG_DWORD Set To: 1 to enable, 0 to disable (0 Default)...
  14. KRISHI101

    How to Remove list of used Bluetooth Devices Name from NOKIA C7-00

    I have Nokia C7.. any body know how to remove the list of last used devices for Bluetooth. I do not know from where i can remove these names. Every time i try to send anything from Bluetooth, the last used devices names comes on screen.. i removed the paired devices.. but these names...
  15. theserpent

    12 cities name to be changed

    Why cant they do something better than changing names of citys? Soon, 'Mangaluru' to be Official Name of Mangalore
  16. Sarath

    What earphones can be bought for less than ₹.1000?

    I just need the names of earphones that you know of or are using currently which can be bought for less than a 1000 bucks. Both earbud and IEMs This is for going into a new thread which will have a list of all IEMs available at an entry level. Just list out all IEMs you know of that...
  17. @

    Suggest Me a Site / Forum Name

    Guys a friend of mine [& me :P] starting a new forum for engineers. Though there are many my friend wants to try out. Topics related to books, resources, q papers, projects etc will be there. Can anyone suggest me good names ? enggforums is available, but I am not that happy with name ...
  18. socrates

    Celeb names banned from .xxx porn domain

    "Too embarrassing" apparently. Celeb names banned from .xxx porn domain | News | TechRadar UK
  19. nisargshah95

    Freeware for creating folders with restricted names

    Hi guys, I recently came across this software called Concu which can create folder names such as Con, Prn, Aux, Nul, Lpt1, Com1. Works on Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/NT. Concu - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Downloads
  20. D

    [IMP] Domain Name Grabbing

    I got the below email today. Is this real or fake. Should I be concerned about this. Please guide me through this. I probably think this fake, but just to be sure..
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