1. iinfi

    'Shake-up' for internet proposed

    Source can someone plz tell me wat this is abt?? i dont understand this at all. wat will happen to the domain names already sold. internationalisation wud cause chaos. then there will be many domains which one cannot access at all !!
  2. H

    multiplayer games for s60v3

    i want some multiplayer games for s60v3 fones whihc support M/P over bluetooth.just give me the names of the games and i get them. thnx.:)
  3. ashisharya

    Connecting Computers Without Wires

    any idea which allows two computers to share data and access each other...plz tell only softwares names n dont offer advice on connecting wid them wires
  4. roxysmile

    need help to buy PDA

    well after getting bored to many handsets , i hav decided to get a new windows mobile PDA please give me the names of PDA's at a budget of rs - 20000
  5. Faun

    Strange names

    Here are some strange names that are funny and intriguing at times: Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 - A Swedish child name Bill Gates' Flower Fly - Named after uncle Billy Dick Assman - A Saskatchewan petrol station owner's name Anal Language - Sino-Tibetian Language family...
  6. praka123

    Ubuntu to rename top level directories?

    Ubuntu to rename top level directories The usability experts of Ubuntu have finally started to handle the single most mentioned usability issue with Linux: the top level directory names. Quoting Finn C. Tional from the Ubuntu Usability Group: It's one of the mysteries of Unix that the...
  7. S

    Why short-name for Processes in Task Manager?

    When we open Task Manager in Windows, then we can see the processes running under the current user's context. Sometimes it happens that the names of the processes are shown with short file names such as MyNote~1.exe instead of MyNotepad.exe. Why this happens? Does anybody knows? While searching...
  8. windchimes

    Drive letter and folder names turn blue

    Hi guys, After formatting only my c:drive and reinstalling windows I found that all the folder/filenames in certain drive which I haven't touched changed their font colour to blue. What is the reason?( I remember reading somewhere it has to do with the file system..true? But here I have the...
  9. Rockstar11

    In 1997-98, indian channel "HOME TV" aired kungfu tv series what were their names?

    In 1997-98, indian channel "HOME TV" aired kung fu TV series what were their names? Please help me out.... i used to see those series but i don,t know their names does anyone know who can tell me i will be really thankfull...
  10. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Web Suggestion needed

    Hi guys, I need help badly on domain name. Am soon starting a Tech Website with tutorials, downloads, Tech link, My Articles etc…the problem is dat am confused about the name of the site. I had thought of a few names but they were unavailable…plzz suggest me sum good names like these...
  11. V


    I got a new Dell Optiplex GX620[Pentium D 3.40Ghz,945mboard 1gbram 533MHz] system recently running on windows xp sp2[which came installed on the pc]. Ever since i've been using it, it shows a bsod many -a- times which says IRQL_not_less_than_equal and sometimes page fault in non paged area and...
  12. nileshgr


    How to enable crontab (cron) for all users without entering their names in /etc/cron.allow ?
  13. koolbluez

    Identify urselves... name changers.. losing contact with ppl

    Yaar, can those who change names please mention their old names? For ppl like me who lost touch with the forum 4 2 months or so... we get lost with these new names. A personal bond crops up with ppl sometimes in these forums too... and when u change names, we r just left to guess who's who &...
  14. B

    Remote connection failure

    Hi, My hp desktop with winXP Sp2 is in the domain but can not communicate with any other pc or network resource by using their domain names unless I use IP address. What is wrong with my pc?:o
  15. I

    Is anybody selling their domain names?

    Hi, Is anybody selling their domain names? I am buying .com domains. Please PM me or post here your domain names and price and I will reply to the ones which I am interested. Thanks
  16. Charley

    Website to accept domain name payments and send domain names

    I am brokering[broker] few domain names, need to set this up on a website so that buyer and seller can do it and I can get my commission from the sale. The main reason is that I don't get cheated for my commission Website Designers or Programmers, help me out.
  17. Vishal Gupta

    [Suggestions] SoMe CoOl DoMain NaMes fOr mY SiTe

    Guys I'm thinking about getting a domain for myself. I'll reserve it for my site which will contains my tutorials, themes, etc. So pls suggest some good names for it. :p
  18. G

    Subtitle software

    Hi Is there any special software for creating sub title in movies.. Is there any special software . i want their names please.....
  19. darklord_2007

    font color

    can anyone tell me how to change the font color of file names in xp:(
  20. S

    old user accounts problem.....!!!

    have bought my laptop 10 months before & from that, I have formatted it at least 15 times (using pirated windows professional xp2). Now, my problem is that: I have made my earlier user accounts by different names & after each new windows formation, I found my old user account folders (of...
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