1. clerkman1612

    For web programming which softwares r needed?Plz give names of those softwares?

    I have already got 2 softwares for web-designing.Those r Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. But for web programming which softwares will be needed. Plz kindly gave the names of those softwares.:reading: Thanks in Advance for helping me.!;-)
  2. J

    dual sim mobile under 3k

    I need names of dual sim mobile model names under 3k, I'll be using it as a secondary mobile (using Nokia for my primary use), the only feature I'm looking for in the mobile is Good Battery Backup. [PC synchronization (only to maintain contacts would be an added advantage)] I have have...
  3. deadpulse

    Help to name my website..!

    Hi, I am looking for help to decide my website name. I hope you people can suggest some good names. Here below is the brief of what website is going to be. 1. My portfolio. 2. My Treks and Travel. 3. History. 4. My views and writings. (poems, articles etc.) 5. Technology.. (my...
  4. papul1993

    Please recommend some games

    Hi, I am not much of a gamer but do want to game to unstress and relax sometimes. So please tell me the names of some games. All genres would do (except those zombie killing ones). Even old games would do. Thanks
  5. rhitwick

    Help needed from bangaloreans

    Calling all Bangaloreans... Want to buy Soundmagic PL30 and need a shop which which sells it. Tell me one or two shop names at S.P Road which (may) have it in stock and are reliable.
  6. 0

    Some help in ms excel

    I have got a list of about 50 names in an excel file. I need a way so that when in an another worksheet i press '1' the first name from the list gets typed, when i press '2' the second name and so on. Please help.
  7. N

    Folder names are not visible!

    Hi all, I have Vista Ultimate. In my E drive, all the folder names are vanished. I can see the names on the Details Pane, but not on explorer. I can see the names of all the subfolders though. here's the screenshot: g help me guys!
  8. dreams

    Digitian's real names..

    Hi all digitians, We all know each other by their display name, but some know some others real name. Let us use this thread for yelling out each and every members real name. Please be honest!!! Let me start it, Real name - Chandru Location - Chennai (Optional) Work Location - Gurgaon...
  9. rosemolr

    Please Suggest Some House Names

    I want to know some names for the college House names..I hope in your college you people have Some College houses..So please Suggest some .Actually in our college we are in a bit confusion to select the names for our college house if you can suggest some names to our college i will be...
  10. Techn0crat

    Need IDE for VB.NET and ASP.NET

    One of my friends is now learning VB.NET and ASP.NET but he don't have IDE for that.Can anybody please tell me names of them or links from where they can be downloaded?
  11. A

    How can I create a video DVD???

    I have some movies in .avi format which I have downloaded from the internet. I want to burn them to a DVD which should be playable on a standalone DVD player(even those which do not have DivX/Xvid support). Can anyone provide any names for softwares which will help me do this??? You can...
  12. S

    c++ result sheet program problem

    i made a project on student's result sheet in c++ for submitting in school.I have wasted lot of time in order to remove that problem and still i m unable to sort it out.The program is running properly but it is giving problem in the ouput. i have created 7 functions in the program Their work...
  13. A

    Need help

    Hi This is arghya chatterjee, I am doing Diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from Kolkata. I want to get names of the companies who can hire for this trade. Can anybody help me ? Thanks.
  14. F

    Insurance Of Desktop Computers

    Hi, Has anybody any idea of Insurance of Desktop Computers in India? Please list out the names of Insurance companies for the same.
  15. H

    need help chosing multiplayer games

    hi evry1 currently my friend & i hav connected our rigs in lan for the sole purpose of cud u ppl give me the names of the games which we can play (only 2 players at max possible)?
  16. K

    Windows problem.

    How can i make the background text of my icons transparent. As u can see the text behind the names of icon is white can i make it transparent.
  17. M

    What Games

    What Games Can Be Played On this Configuration, AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4600+ 2.41 GHz, 512 MB Of RAM or 1 GB Of RAM. Please Give Me Some Names All Tips or games.
  18. T

    Game in linux

    Hi friends, can we able to play a game in linux if so ? kind of game we can play n give some game names to play or tell sites to download games for linux....
  19. VarDOS


    Hi Friends I Have Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) 2Duo - 4500 Motherboard : Intel(R) D946GZis RAM : 1GB DDR2 667MHz HDD : 250 GB But I Have No Graphics Card Plese Send Me Those Names Of The Games Which I Can Play Smoothly On My PC Thanks.
  20. S

    Internet Overhaul wins approval

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