1. K

    problem with wifi on nokia n80

    Hi guys, i am having a nokia n80. Its a good phone instead of its battery life. now i am having problem with its wifi.when i connect it to a wifi network it connects after entering security key. After that when i open any site in browser it says "NO GATEWAY REPLY" Please tell me whats the...
  2. H

    N80 -> Forgot Security Code Help Needed

    Hi guys, my frnd has a prob.the prob is: He has a N80 and he had changed the phone lock code from the default '12345' and now he doesnt remember the code. i tried hard reseting by pressing 'Green' + '*' + '3' & powered it on.it asked for date and time as it sud but still the lock is not being...
  3. M

    about n80

    hi , can any body tell me about the audio quality of n80 when using ep630 earphones with it..... and any problems this phone has and any pros and cons...thinking of buying this phone....!!!!!
  4. W

    are you ready for 3G?

    By the sound of things 3G will be launched soon in the market, with broadband speeds in ur cell..and the crystal clear voice clarity that reliance is now #### about.. are you ready for 3G? me got a N80 (i know it's old but, ;))
  5. H

    I'd like to buy Nokia N80, is this still available in market?

    I'd like to buy Nokia N80, is this still available in market?
  6. cooldudie3

    Way to put Album art on n80 music player

    I want to know how to put album art on the songs on my n80. I am wondering how to do that and I knew there should be a way... Please help, thanks!
  7. M

    Fs:nokia N80

    Fs:Nokia N80 with 1gb card ...SOLD.... for sale: Nokia n80 used for: 11 mnths no scratches on screen as i hav used scratch guard since beg. with 1Gb card w/o bill , warranty... expecting around rs 7000/- only buyers frm mumbai will b considered or those who can personally inspect n...
  8. vasulic

    Nokia N80 or Nokia N73

    hi guys , now Iam confused between Nokia n80 & n73me . Connectivity, camera,fm radio and group messaging are my prime factors.
  9. rohit_bawa

    Which Phone..... confused

    Hi everybody, I want a Quad-band phone (coz i am going outside india) which should be all rounder in music and imaging, my budget is around 14k, my personal take is on N73, N80 or Nokia 5700, please suggest which is better. And any idea of price drop!
  10. cooldudie3

    T610 is a good phone or not?

    hey guys my friend got a SE T610 and he's very happy with it i don't know if he's lying:D:D:D since my n80 is breaking down should i go buy it?????
  11. P


    im planning to get a n80 hows the phone is it better than n73m
  12. A

    Nokia Music Edition themes

    Does anyone have the red "waveform" theme from the music edition for Nokia N80? I found the green(stave) theme and uploaded on my n80 but the (red)waveform theme i found was not compatiable for some reason. I really like the "waveform" theme and want it for my Nokia N80. If anyone has it or know...
  13. A

    Help me decide a phone - HTCs710,Imate Sp5m, Nokia E62/61/61i, Nokia 70/72/73/73me, N

    Requirements : Must have : Call :-) (sorry datacards) Netsurfing on phone (HTML and not WAP) (must have edge and gprs) : - Email sites : yahoo , MSN , gmail , rediff.... - banking sites : icici , hdfc , hsbc .... - Messengers : yahoo , msn , gtalk...(agile messenger??)...
  14. milnniki

    How can i format my nokia n80 ?

    hi guy i have nokia n80 now its very slow and i want to format it plz guide me what can i do ? if u know
  15. milnniki

    Can I open .pdf file in my nokia n80 fone ?

    Hi guys i have nokia n80 . in this phone i was open all kind of file like office ,flash and notpad and other but when i dounload pdf file its cant open . if u have any idea tell me
  16. Ankur Gupta

    N80 vs. N73..Help me choose!

    I am confused between N80 and N73.. N80 has WiFi and better screen though it has slower bluetooth v1.2 and lacks stereo speakers... N73 might have a better camera but then N80 doesn't have a bad camera either..N80 is slider which is the way I like it.. Also N73 keypad is cramped... If...
  17. the.kaushik

    recent price for n80 and n91 4gb

    Do anyone knows the recent price of n80 and n91 8gb..? Pls mention the place from wher u re saying the price.. also what would u suggest as better considering the price and features?
  18. A

    Nokia N80?

    I just sold my Nokia N70 ME for $325 US dollars. Im thinking of getting the N80 model. I was wondering if the Nokia N80 has the red theme that the n70 ME version has? If not, then is there a way i can get it? I know u can flash the regular n70 and upgrade it with the music edition firmware to...
  19. faraaz

    Video camera on K810i

    I'm thinking of picking up this phone as I'm not too happy with the N80 I have at the moment. Its either the K810i (which is cheaper) OR the N93i... Anyway...the point of this topic is this: How is the quality of videos shot with the K810i?? I know I know, the still photos with the phone...
  20. the.kaushik

    n80 related

    can any one give his personal experience with n80 and whats the current price going on in kolkata and bangalore???
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