1. ACidBaseD

    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I'm getting Seagate 1TB @3290/- THE ABOVE drive isn't "Seagate Barracuda", it's only Seagate. Does that make a difference? The 'cuda drive is on sale for ₹3649/- 1. Should I be worried about anything? 2. Should I prefer WD over Seagate? 3. What are the failure rates of this drive...
  2. ACidBaseD

    WHY is WD Caviar Blue 1 TB drives so expensive and sparingly available @e-retail shops?

    I'm a lazy guy, hence I do 100% of my shopping online. I don't understand why are WD Blue 1 TB Internal SATA drives costing upwards of ₹4200/- (Flipkart) & ₹4800/- (Amazon) when Segate 1 TB can be bought for ₹3290/- (Amazon) ? Can I get WD Blue 1 TB Drives cheap locally? (@Lamington Rd...
  3. GhorMaanas

    26/11 terrorist-attacks mastermind zaki-ur-rahman lakhvi may be released, again.

    Source ------------------------------------------ sharing it, as just 2-4 days back, defence experts here had predicted in a matter-of-fact way this move that pakistan would take, following the release of masarrat alam in J&K. let's see if pakistan relents again to India's pressure this time...
  4. ankush28

    [Query] Skullcandy service centers in Mumbai?

    So my skullcandy ink'd stopped working after 8 months and now I want to claim warranty but cant find service centers in Mumbai. Googlle search ended up with stupid results.
  5. A

    Laptop in cheapest cost

    Hi, I need screen touch ell laptop in cheapest cost.guys tell me is there any store in Mumbai or any online shopping website.
  6. A

    UPSC Preparation

    Best classes in Mumbai for UPSC Preparation.
  7. A

    shortage WD Caviar Blue 1TB in mumbai !!

    there is shortage in supply of WD Caviar Blue 1TB in mumbai market... any idea?? why? when it will back available in stock?
  8. L

    NZXT Gamma in Mumbai?

    I want to buy a decent cheap Cabinet so shortlisted NZXT gamma and found its not available in Delhi. On some threads i found out its probably available on local shops in Mumbai!! Now i have a interview in Mumbai on 12th July and will reach there on 11th morning so i want to know from where i...
  9. S

    [For Sale] Xonar DG PCI Card - 1 Day old

    Xonar DG PCI Card - opened yest and realized while connecting that its a PCI card & will not go in PCIe slot in MB. Wrapped and packed back. Purchased from Available in Mumbai - any other location shipping also doable - can discuss. Price - 1800/-
  10. A

    [Query] WD service center in mumbai?

    does WD has a service center in mumbai ??? AH
  11. sujoyp

    PG needed around Vikroli mumbai

    Hi guys, I am shifting to mumbai as I got a job in Capgemini Vikhroli office. I need a good PG around that place...need PG in 3-4 KM circle around office. I am bit scared to get direct PG from broker since I have soo many gadgets cameras and other costly items with me. I want a safe PG...
  12. F

    [For Sale] Apple Iphone 5s 32gb GOLD

    Rs 45000.00 Used a for a day or two. Earpods and cable unused as seen . No Warranty. Need Cash Local Mumbai Buyers Preferred Scratch Guard applied on both sides Can Ship Out of Mumbai on Buyers cost and risk
  13. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Unlimited cheapest plan in Mumbai

    As the title, please suggest a plan with manageable speeds(512kbps-2mbps) at 4000-8000 per annum I live in parel, mumbai Also will my current plan with 512kbps & dc++ & high speed torrent downloads & YouTube server boost (not working these days) will suffice my needs for source code and android...
  14. quan chi

    Vote count. How many of you voted. 18+ only.

    Indian general election, 2014 This thread is dedicated to keep a track of how many TDF members have voted.:-D No political bash here just post here to confirm that you have voted & from which area. No other details required.:) Optional : It would be better if we follow in order eg if...
  15. K

    Career counselling sessions in Pune?

    Hi! My sister recently appeared for her 10th boards! I would like to take her to a career counseller! I personally had visited Prafulata in Mumbai & enjoyed there overall procedure- 1.2 days apti 2. Suggestion and interaction with parents. Can anyone suggest me good counselling centers in PUNE...
  16. sksksksk

    Cerfication in Mumbai

    I want to do certification course in Mumbai related to Cyber Security. I tried finding in on Google... but its not providing enough or quality details I need... Is there anyone or any source which could help me out with it?? I would be much happy if you share your knowledge so it could...
  17. suarezian

    [Want to Buy] Headphone

    Im looking to buy a gaming headphone with a good bass and mic. Budget is 1.8k. Location is Mumbai
  18. N

    Gaming PC ~80k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: 1. Mostly games like BF4, AC, CS:GO, Titanfall and many upcoming AAA titles 2. 24*7 downloading rig 3. Watching HD movies 2. What is your overall budget? If you can extend a bit for...
  19. ankush28

    Subway surfers : Mumbai is here

    Subway surfers now in Mumbai :lol:
  20. beingGamer

    Gaming PC 55k

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: gaming [which will be able to play games such as BF3, BF4...
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