1. J

    Need to buy Mono Laser printer for small office

    Hi friends, I was using a xerox 3117 model which has conked. My needs are :- 1. Mono Laser printer , hardy. Don't need high print quality, average quality will be acceptable 2. Should be compatible with windows XP and Windows 8 3. Budget stretchable upto 8K 4. Tonar refilling cost...
  2. U

    Good Mono Laser printer

    Please suggest a good Mono Laser printer within a budget of 6.5K max. My old HP 1018 printer died last week and now need to buy a good mono laser. HP is out of my list now as i never liked it. I had shortlisted the following: 1) Canon LBP6018B 2) Brother HL-1111 3) Samsung ML-1866 4)...
  3. A

    Best wi fi All In One laser printer

    Help I need a wi fi. AIO mono laser printer for my office.Budget under 15K.
  4. Faun

    Bandcamp Share Thread - Reaching out into the abyss !

    Let's share the awesome albums we find on bandcamp. Starting out with these three. *shels - Plains of the Purple Buffalo Genre: Progressive Rock Sample: Crown of Eagle Feathers | *shelsmusic Extradimensional Ethnography by Akara Genre: Fusion of genres (classical...
  5. Sarath

    Help me choose a wireless bluetooth headset

    A few days ago, my beloved BT headset was taken away from me. It was, iirc a Nokia BH-609 (?) and worked well and still does but it's no longer with me and I need a replacement. Usage scenarios: Mono 1. Driving *MOST IMPORTANT* 2. Sleeping (I talk and snooze) Stereo 1. Driving 2...
  6. V

    Plz suggest A3 scanner & mono laser printer!

    Hey guys, plz suggest an A3 scanner & mono laser printer for around 10k! You can also suggest multifunctional mono laser printer (with A3 scanning) if available under 10K! Thanks!
  7. sygeek

    Top 10 Programming Fonts

    Top 10 Programming Fonts Must try list for hardcore programmers. The font is the most important of a programmer's life and the guy over at HiveLogic came up with an amazing list of fonts descending their geekness. Although this list is based according to the preferences of most of the...
  8. A

    Sound Settings

    How to have Mono Sound Configuration in Windows 7 ?
  9. Faun

    Why Banshee need Mono to be installed ?

    I was thinking of installing it but then scraped the idea when I saw Mono in the list.:( Is this thing survive over Mono only ?:!: Even Beagle uses Mono, any alternative to that too:!:
  10. CadCrazy

    Mono team also releases Mono 2.0 beta with .NET 2.0 support

    Novell has announced the availability of MonoDevelop 1.0, an open source development tool for Mono that supports Microsoft Visual Studio project formats along with C# and other programming languages. MonoDevelop enables developers to quickly write desktop and ASP.NET Web applications on Linux...
  11. MetalheadGautham

    Mono - Crossplatform .NET by Novell

    I have a fdew queries about Mono, a clone of M$ .NET thats OSS and made by novell: 1. Is it drag and drop, minimal code and easy to use ? 2. Will the download from, the generic linux .bin installer be enough to start creating apps ? 3. Whats the status of Mono's licence in...
  12. Zeeshan Quireshi

    LinSmilies - GigaSmilies for Linux n Mac

    This is what Linux users have been waiting for . GigaSmilies has finally hit Linux . The current Version of LinSmilies is a Modified version of the Codebase of GigaSmilies 1.2 . It Has Been Tested on : Mono 1.2.6 + Ubuntu 7.10 So this should Work on Any Platform that supports Mono 1.2.6 or...
  13. freebird

    Miguel Plans Silverlight on Mono & Linux by Years End

    Silverlight on Linux? We're in, says Mono founder The Mono open-source project will create a Linux version of Silverlight by the end of year, said Miguel de Icaza, a Novell vice president and head of Mono. At the Mix '07 conference on Monday, Microsoft touted the ability to write Silverlight...
  14. freebird

    Mono brings Visual Basic programs to Linux

    source/read full: Another reason for Windows developers/programmers to move/try Open SOurce Platform-GNU/Linux
  15. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Laptop Problem(Compeq Presario )

    I have a Compeq Presario laptop now the problem is that earlier my laptop is fine but now as I start my laptop, WinxP OS get loaded but I can't see my desktop Icon, My Startup(START), I mean to say that I cant see anything only wallpaper is shown.Mouse is working but as I click it can't do...
  16. K

    Don't need SRS WOW

    In wmp, there is an option for srs trubass and srs wow. I want to know if is there any way i can only activate srs trubass and not wow. I like to use trubass but i don't like wow. Setting it to zero doesn't help as the sound seems different from the original (almost mono). Turning it off also...
  17. D

    N70 / N72 : does it have stereo music player

    guys i wanna buy a nokia n 70 or a n72. does the the phones have stereo or mono music player?
  18. int86

    is it FAKE 4.1

    Last year i bought "INTEX SUBWOOFER PLUS 2600". It was labeled "Multimedia Computer Speaker 4.1 ". It has two mono inputs. Recently i came to know that a 4.1 channel should have 4 mono inputs or 2 stereo inputs. I want to sue intex. Where do i stand technecally. Otherewise suggest me some...
  19. RCuber


    Hi guys has any one used MONO? For those who dont know Mono is opensource .NET compiler. compilers are there for Linux, windows, solaris, OSX etc. Is there any one here who has developed a software using it and tested in other platforms?? If you have done it then please share the experiance...
  20. I

    Sound card info sought

    I intend to buy a sound card for transcription ...., mostly I would use it for audio files i.e.., plain dictation files (medical transcription). I hear that in mono mode, i would get optimum performance vis-a-vis voice-only files. Any mono sound cards available still ? Also, I'm using...
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