1. slashragnarok

    Graphics card suggestion

    In a previous thread I addressed the issue of my Sapphire HD 7870 dying. Now I need your valuable suggestion in deciding which GC to buy. My budget is 15k. I am based in Kolkata. My PSU is Corsair TX850 V2. I want to play games at 1920x1080 at the moment but am open to suggestions for the next...
  2. srkmish

    If you had to select only one movie as the best you have ever watched

    I know its a very hard decision, but the only movie which has left me haunted by its amazing plot and which i consider the best movie i have watched is The secret in their eyes. El secreto de sus ojos (2009) - IMDb I think given enough posts, this thread could indirectly become a...
  3. D

    Suggestions for 24 inch 1080p monitor.

    Recently bought a MSI GtX 770 and i need a good 1080p monitor. Not willing to go beyond 1080p at the moment. Help me out.
  4. Flash

    Awesome MOVIE Moments Thread

    Epic/Awesome MOVIE Moments Thread ❤​EPIC/AWESOME MOVIE MOMENTS❤​ There were lot of movies with AWESOME moments irrespective of the language, that makes the movie memorable and special. Whenever you hear the movie name/see the movie poster, that sudden moment will come to your mind. The moment...
  5. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    need a good sound system (computer)

    budget - 20k (can add a little more) do i need a sound card ?? i dont have one at the moment.................2.1 is better for i guess
  6. B

    suggest gpu

    please suggest some good gpu which can handle graphics in full HD (gaming,3d modeling). Lets forget budget for a moment. I am looking for an overall overview.
  7. maverick786us

    Damm what should I do now? I am doomed

    Its my dream to buy a Lumia 920. I can even spend 40K if its that worth. But it will come in india around jan. My existing Nokia N900 has gone for a toss it is that most of teh time it does'nt recognize the network loose sim connection. So what should do? Get a Lumia 900 for now? I asked the...
  8. rohit32407

    Is 56 Degrees PCH Temp Normal?

    My current config is in the Signature. My PCH temp is 56 degrees right from the moment i start my PC. Is this normal? I have 2 fans at the moment 1 in rear for exhaust and 1 in front for intake. If this isnt normal then what can be done to lower it? Motherboard temperature hovers around 41...
  9. Blue Ripazah

    MAFIA II error (vito goes down)

    hi guys im facing this error in chapter 14 when after vito exits te building and he has to take joe to a doctor (el greco) the moment i press any button vito goes down in some grey space ...can anyone provide some help on this..
  10. N

    W.T.F moment of your life

    My train pass expired on 25-8. So from 25-8 till today(yes today..) i was travelling for free. I just realized this while talking with my friend about trains. Thought of posting it on TDF :) whats your WTF moment ? the one i mentioned above was the latest :D
  11. maverick786us

    Is airtel cheating with customers again?

    I am using Airtel 2MBPS connection. While downloading its fine but in Torrent. The moment I see any download touching around 200KBPS my internet connection gets disconnected for a moment and starts. After reconnection I don't see that speed in torrent. Is aritel playing some CHEAP tricks and...
  12. sygeek

    Share your Memorable Experiences here

    Ever had a "I will never forget this day" moment. Too Excited to share it? Well do that here.
  13. Goten

    Boot Up Times - Lets See

    I am making this thread to see people's boot up times on different OSs and their pc configs. We will be discussing about boot up times for the moment you press the power button to the moment you pc usage is 1% or may be fluctuating to 2%. You can check that in Windows Task Manager/Performance...
  14. banskt

    Blu-Ray drive suggestion

    Hi all, I would like to buy a Blu-Ray drive - only reader, blue ray burner is not needed at the moment. I will appreciate your suggestions. Thanks, banskt
  15. din

    A 'touching' moment in Punjab Police... Really touching

    Those who seen this before - please ignore A 'touching' moment in Punjab Police... Really touching If you can't see the above photo, please click here Source : Forwarded email
  16. S

    DDR2 memory help.....

    If my system is bringing up error messages, i.e "... has encountered an error and must close", am i better changing the dram frequency or the HT frequency? Nothing else on my system seems wrong, so think maybe it could be that? The dram is on auto at the moment, as is the HT. Not sure what...
  17. IronManForever

    iPod turns 7 ..

    Just in case no-one noticed; the world's most popular Music Player turned 7 today. And here's an article. Not much information but I liked it. :) Read the full article here...
  18. mad_max


    i'm thinking of doing scjp to get into the industry(to get a job lol) anyways is that a good choice guys cuz i'm a bit lost at the moment oh and i'm doing BCS at the moment help:)
  19. escape7

    How do i rectify this. [Image Included]

    How do i rectify this. [Image Included], Hijackthis log added... The open and explore options do not show, instead there is some random gibberish. I've got no idea how this happened, is it a virus or something? HOw do i correct it. Re-installing XP is not an option as i do not have the CD at...
  20. Rockstar11

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    What song are you addicted to at the moment? right now i'm addicted to.. "viraaniya" movie - Namastey London, Singer - Himesh Reshammiya..
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