1. P

    IE Freezes for a moment..

    While browsing the net some times I find that a particular IE Window which is loading the contents from a requested site just freezes for a moment and later becomes active when the contents are loaded. During this momentarily freeze, rest of running applications continue to respond in normal...
  2. A

    Gaming PC

    Hi all I wanted to purchase a PC for hardcore gaming.... For the processor i have AMD in mind.. but i am a bit confused as many people suggest ASUS and some say MSI ... Could someone pls suggest which MB should i opt for.... one of my friends has ASUS SLI deluxe..... where the perfomance is...
  3. H

    PC Upgrade.....

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning on upgrading my old PC. Could you please tell me what config should i go for at this moment. I want it to be a gaming machine!!!! Please help....
  4. aquamatrix

    graphic card @ 7k

    looking for a gfx for a PC wid pentium D 3.0ghz and 1 gb ram which is the best card (@ 7k) at the moment ?? PCI-e slot only. confused between 8600gt, 7900 gs and x1950pro
  5. phuchungbhutia

    web design help

    I want to make a simple homepage and i want to include some things in it: 1. quotations 2. feedback page which could look like the digit forum page i just want to know if i can get some codes and want to try this for the moment .
  6. ComputerUser

    Blank XP

    While I was surfing, suddenly all programs closed off immediately and I could only see the desktop with nothing. I can now only open programs with Taskmanager, but can't open Explorer.exe. Also there is no explorer.exe in the active processes and if I try to open explorer, the icons and all come...
  7. S

    Google Launches Patent Search

    The service covers 7 million patents granted by the USPTO since the 1790s, but at the moment does not include patents filed over the last few months.
  8. selfteachingnoob

    Am I wasting my time learning Java?

    Hey all, great forum =) I'm an It support technician and I'm teaching myself programming,hoping to get into game development in the next few years. I heard from several people that java is the new C++ and that it's the best bet at the moment to get into the industry but most gaming sites I...
  9. P

    Tally 7.2 & XP

    Am using tally on my thinkpad (Windows XP SP2). Got 3 different version from different people. All cases the moment I press Esc key the softwares gets hanged. Prakash
  10. K

    Anyone heard of this company?

    Hello Can anyone tell me if this company is serious? - It's taken me ages to find a company that has no signup costs, 99% of them charge a start up fee. They pay you to participate and complete online surveys which can earn you up to $25 per survey. I don't...
  11. shyamno

    Error while shut down..

    When I am shutting down my comp. many a times a get a error message associated with TmPfw.exe.I can not say what the message is becoz it shows at the last moment of shutdown and it is for a second or two.But something about ran out of memory *0000 something like that (*=multiply sign).
  12. M

    i hav p3 800mhz.i am using photoshop 7on that,bt nw problem??pls be kind to help

    hi dear friends and experts, well i am facing a big problem.that, i am using photoshop 7 on my P3 800mhz and 80GB HDD 256Mb Ram for the long ystrday onwrds,i cant open my photoshop 7.whn i am double clicking,its showing the startup,searching all elements,and on the last moment to...
  13. sude

    Where is MS FrontPage in Office 2003???

    Hello Recently I have installed MS Office 2003. After installation while browsing the features I observed that MS FrontPage was missing. Except FrontPage other office utilities like Word, Excel and so on. are present. Is it normal not to have MS FrontPage in MS Office 2003? Do you have any...
  14. A

    Moniro making sound

    I own a monitor which is 6 year old (purchased in Apr 2k). Recently it started making noise like falling of sand on it. It also flickers for a moment while working. Is it going to complete its tenure???? :o
  15. sujeet2555

    mouse flikers

    i have a logitech scroll 3-button mouse .it was running fine for last 2 yrs untill it starts to move in violantly in vertical axis only.i can not click any buttons,pointer moves so rapidly.i have cleaned it ,change settings,re-installed,re-plugged the cord but still it stays fine for a moment...
  16. godsownman

    Gmail Opening - Updated with a solution

    Greetings, Of late opening my Gmail account using either of the two browsers has become a nightmare.( Firefox and Opera ) It takes close to 1min and 30 seconds for the inbox page to come after signing in. Whereas when I tried the same in IE it took less than 10 seconds at the same...
  17. S

    Killer executables in Win XP

    this funny problem occurs every now and then with me what really happens is the moment i click on some Executable files(normally Setups (of course virus free))...then BAM my pc restart at a speed of lightining ruining everything going on at that moment of time. whats causing this problem :roll:
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