MAFIA II error (vito goes down)

Blue Ripazah

hi guys im facing this error in chapter 14 when after vito exits te building and he has to take joe to a doctor (el greco) the moment i press any button vito goes down in some grey space ...can anyone provide some help on this..


Legend Never Ends
seems like a game problem. Get any of latest patch through Steam and also latest graphic drivers.
Did you try restarting the game and pc?


strange issue..never placed this problem wen i played & completed Mafia 2...anyways, try googling "mafia 2 save files" and see if that helps.


Try patching the game. I faced similar issue with Crysis. Getting latest patch and updating the video drivers helped me clear the stage. Didint face any such issue with Mafia II, but seems similar.


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Hello, I couldn't find a dedicated Mafia-II thread hence asking my query here :
The videos(Cut scenes) don't play in my Mafia-II game.Like Vito getting out of prison or Vito going to night club with friend....what can be the problem? I cannot get story because of this. Had to see the videos on youtube separately. Please help guys!
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