1. krishnandu.sarkar

    How is package of 9L for Bengaluru?

    Hi Guys, To tell you the truth, I'm facing a situation where I can't reach to any conclusion. It's being like taking a hard decision for me. Currently, I'm based in Kolkata and working in an IT MNC Company where my package is around 6.3L which after increment of this year would become atleast...
  2. N

    pls suggest good tablet as per my spec

    thanks all, please suggest good trouble free tablet with following specs: 1. Budget – 19K 2. Display type and size – Full HD, 8” 3. Dual sim – if possible 4. Preferred choice of brand – no preference, but would like ALL GOOD BRANDS options 5. What camera option you want (flash, front...
  3. beingGamer

    Android phone for Mom

    Long story: Had bought Asus zenfone 4 for mom in December 2014, so that she can get aware of how to use android phones. Especially to use apps like whatsapp, youtube & facebook. 2 Dyas back father dropped his zenfone 6 on floor and power button stopped working. cant start the phone. So he took...
  4. S

    Phone for friends Mom ; <4.3" screen ; 25k max budget ; Skype and what app.

    Hi, My friends mother needs a phone. It needs to be small(anything above 4.3" is big i think. :lol: ) and thin. This will be primarily used for video calling and whatsapp. She has problem with vision. I think we can use the bigger font and accessibility features of Android. Hope we have...
  5. Desmond

    ISRO to launch first Mars orbiter on 28th October

    Why was this under wraps and we come to know of it only now? This is huge! Source : India Pic gallery : India's First Mars Mission in Pictures (Gallery) |
  6. R

    Nokia ASHA phone for MOM

    Hello can anyone please suggest some Nokia Asha phones within 4000Rs which i'm gifting to my Mom. Camera should be 2mp and should hold regular sim. Dont need expensive one just basic Asha or any other model.
  7. F

    My mom needs a phone Budget: 10-18k

    Hey my mom dropped her iPhone and the screen's slide to unlock feature is not working. I knew the iPhone wasnt a good choice for her. My mom is a rough person, she drops phones alot so she requires some phone which is durable. She wants a simple phone with WhatsApp, etc. She...
  8. V

    need advice for buying a sturdy hanset for my mom...

    guys as the topic suggests i need a basic handset with a sturdy keypad for my such i tried giving her nokia 1100 but she wasnt comfortable with it.....since these days most handets are touch she is not comfortable with shoot ur suggestions..since the only function will be...
  9. B

    iPhone contract from mom to 13 year old son.. Do you agree with this approach?

    Here is the letter that a mom gave to a 13 year old son when she gifted him a iPhone on Christmas.. And yes I agree totally with the approach.. A set of rules to own a device that needs much more maturity then what a 13 year older has.. Here is the letter - Source .. iPhone contract from...
  10. A

    Affordable 3D TV

    What is the cheapest 3D TV out on the market right now? And when I say "cheap" I mean affordable but with good quality. My mom is on a budget around Rs. 65000~70000. Suggestions, please! Thanks
  11. A

    Lost my phone :(

    I lost my phone today.. had left it in my trousers.. mom gave it for washing to the maid.. when i returned home.. no trace.. mom doesnt know.. so obviously the maid took it.. Now, can I somehow trace the number? I do not have my IMEI noted down.. :(
  12. koolent

    New ANDROID under 20k. Quick.!!

    Hi, My friend needs to purchase an Android for his mom for 20k. Please suggest as quick as you can.
  13. S

    Blu-Ray Player [10k]

    My mom wants to listen to FM for old songs and stuff. I am planning to get a blu-ray player with a FM tuner. I was unable to find one. So is there any solution to such a thing where my mom can listen to FM through TV only without getting too technical? i m in bangalore and she is in delhi. i...
  14. A

    phone for mom below rs1500

    need it as 2nd phone in house for calls only. My mom is little deaf so speaker and call quality should be as loud as possible(not looking for china) with good battery.
  15. Faun

    Mobile under 7k

    This one is for my friend's mom as he wants to gift her something on the moment of his first salary. Requirements: 1. Camera 2. Multimedia 3. ?? And not sure what a mom will require ? He is considering Nokia 5233. Thanks in advance.
  16. r4gs

    Budget laptop

    Hi, I need a laptop at the lowest possible budget. Requirements:- Basically, a netbook, but with a 14-15" screen (its for my mom) and a DVDRW drive. Usage will be browsing, office documents, music and the occasional movie. It'll probably run on Ubuntu/WinXP. My mom will be using...
  17. ajai5777

    Is there any method to watch DTH in TV and PC ?

    Now I am using local cable connection and watching in both TV and PC.I have Tuner card - pixelview play TV pro3.But now ESPN and others are not getting in cable so i decided to shift to DTH.But I need to watch that in TV and PC.(My mom is a serial addict).So I cant watch sports in TV.(PC is in...
  18. evewin89

    unexpected from DIGIT v2.0

    Hello frnds, My mom Pushpa lakra is one of the winner of digit festival contest 2009. I just wanna inform you all that I received a call from a digit person on 1st of dec 2009 who informed me that my mom won a digicam,so I just wanna know when I can expect my prize to be sent to my home?
  19. moshel

    Suggest a laptop for my mom

    well guys, i want to buy a laptop/netbook specifically for my mom, she doesnt know computers, but wants to learn now. my budget is abt 25K. im not sure if i should go for a netbook or a full blown laptop....please suggest. simple windows functioning + office suite + internet (wifi+Lan...
  20. jal_desai

    Mobile bill came high... plz help!!!

    this may seem weird. my mobile bill came high for the month of october. mom's angry at home. i knew the bill will come today so i went to the tata indicom store but they said the bill is delivered by some other party. they gave me their address but i could not find tht particular shop at the...
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