1. mikael_schiffer

    Why is MMS more expensive than Whatsapp message ?

    I thought MMS is based around the internet. You need a 2G/3G/4G connection to send and receive MMS messages. Isnt that the same with Whatsapp ? From what i can guess, SMS and MMS uses the same network , while Whatsapp and other Messaging Apps use internet network. Can someone explain, or...
  2. Thetrueblueviking

    HELP - HTC one no internet access

    The other day, I did an Aircel topup of 98 INR which supposedly offers 1gb data usage for a month but I havent been able to access the net since. I can access the net via wi fi. This is my first time on aircel 2g/3g. I have a HTC one. When I turn on the mobile data it says - disconnected...
  3. kool

    ►► AIRTEL cheaters..!! They deducted my money w/o my knowledge..!! check screenshots.

    Hi guys, I felt my Rs.15 has been deducted, so i just sent "LAST" for my last 5 transaction to 121. And they replied that i've sent 3 MMS @ Rs.5 per MMS. I have never sent MMS in my entire life, i use Whatsapp, Nimbuzz only for sharing pics. To my surprise the numbers they are showing are not...
  4. krates

    BSNL mms settings for iPhone?

    Guys I need mms settings for iPhone please suggest.. Earlier I used to have airtel it used to work flawlessly..
  5. P

    Institute for Part Time MMS in Mumbai

    Friends!! Please suggest some good colleges which held Part time MMS (MBA) Courses. And whether Entrance is required for Part time MMS.
  6. A

    3G services in india

    i wana know about 3g service in india currently there many mobile player airtel, bsnl, airtel, & vodafone airtel work on 1900mhz rest all work on 900mhz, when 3G come that frequency get change ? what u think about speed of internet ? in india ppl not yet use MMS + there cost is so high u...
  7. T

    mms help

    hi frnds i m using lg rd 3100 cdma can i receive mms on this mobile
  8. JohnephSi

    Free Airtel MMS

    Hi guys ive found a trick for free airtel mms . Change ur apn to
  9. gxsaurav

    iPhone details uncovered in Sales Training Workbook

    Found on Engadget Well, just found these on Engadget, & boy :D does anyone needs more proof why iPhone sux & is going to be a failure as a mobile Phone/Device Now, consider that we are using it in India with 2.5G & EDGE, so...35k for a mobile phone which only supports 2 MP Camera but does...
  10. cerebral_stroke

    Mms Thru Airtel Mobile Office

    :(hiii guys....i am using airtel mobile office thru my nokia 6630 in kolkata ....please tell me how to send mms thru mo???ther r many access office,live messaging,airtel to send mms and by which?thanks in advance
  11. S

    How to send Free MMS from Internet to Mobile

    Hi friends, I have Motrola168 model mobile.It has some features like download wallpaper,ringtones.But I dont have the facility like connect data cable,bluetooth,infrared.But I have mms facility.Is there any website to send free mms or tell any other source for that one. Thanks for your timing...
  12. demoninside9

    MMS problems

    I have made a MMs through Nokia 6600. but the quality of the MMs is not so good. can anybody tell me that how can i make it better. i mean a better quality. is there any software for this. please help me
  13. linardni

    For Nokia 6630 Help....

    I have GPRS & MMS setting in my Nokia 6630 mobile with BSNL Prepaid SIM card. If I send a picture to any compatible mobile, is it necessary for the recepient mobile to have activated GPRS & MMS settings?
  14. kerthivasan

    Dps Scandals!!

    I Have Read This Month's Issue Of Digit And When I Read The Article Mms Dps And Dps Scandals, I Was Not Able To Understand Their View. I Did Not Know What They Were Telling By Mms Dps And Dps Scandals. Can U Guys Xplain This, Or Can U Give The Link Were I Can Read About It More??
  15. K

    Cann't send or recieve MMS

    Hi frnds, I am having SE Z550i, & using Airtel prepaid. I am unable to send or rec any MMS. I have send " ACT MMS " mesage to "200" & it Said " no default config" wats that. Pls guide & help me. Thanks
  16. Cool G5

    5.1 Speakers - URGENT

    Hi There.I plan to buy a good 5.1 channel speakers.My budget is rs.5k.I liked the Philips MMS 5.500 i/c.Is there any other set to look out for?
  17. S

    MMS IN Airtel

    Assumning that i have airtel live( not mobile office ) activated on my phone. Can i send and receive MMS? if yes, wat's the cost. Thank You/.
  18. S

    Urgent : 3230

    Hi Friends.... I have 3230, I have not activated MMS, but recently atomically my phone hangs for every 7-10 minutes...when it returns. it reads that a MMS message is in outbox... what could be a problem, I am from Bangalore.....have 512 mb card and not much files are stored.... Kindly...
  19. prankie

    Unable to send MMS!!!

    I own N3250 and am using idea service.. I have the settings for gprs and mms which i got frm the service provider. but the prob is that i'm not able to send mms frm my mob. when i try to do so foll error comes: I contacted service providr. he told me that mms service is activated on ur...
  20. V

    Free MMS

    Just like there are services for sending free SMS.Is there any service for sending free MMS. Please tell me...!
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