Why is MMS more expensive than Whatsapp message ?

I thought MMS is based around the internet. You need a 2G/3G/4G connection to send and receive MMS messages.
Isnt that the same with Whatsapp ?

From what i can guess, SMS and MMS uses the same network , while Whatsapp and other Messaging Apps use internet network.

Can someone explain, or direct me to an article about it. I have a seminar presentation on "MEDIA MESSAGE COMPATIBILITY AND CONTIGUITY OF VARIOUS MESSAGE FORMS in Education" ​and this concept of SMS,MMS and Internet Based messaging Apps is an important component of my seminar.


Cyborg Agent
My understanding is that MMS is delivered using a cellular network and is not physically stored, except may be for archival purposes. And sometimes if the recipient is not available, it may be cached/buffered.

WhatsApp, Messenger and the likes are over the top services which utilises their respective server to be forwarded to the recipient.

There is definitely more to this, but I could only put this much in words as of now. There will be more from other digitians.

Edit: old but still relevant: Price gouging: It costs more to send a text message on Earth than from Mars | ExtremeTec
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