1. Aravind Ram

    How to watch MKV file format videos in Sony Bravia R302D Tv?

    I have a Sony Bravia R302D 32" TV. In my TV, when I try to watch videos from my USB Pen Drive connected to the TV, sometimes some .MKV format files become unsupported but not all MKV files. Only a few MKV files get unsupported. I have watched some other videos of the same .MKV filetype in the...
  2. Baker

    FullHD smart tv under 40K

    1:. Budget - 40k INR 2. Display type and size - min 32inch with Fulll HD 3. Primary use of TV - Movies , sports and youtube videos 4. Ports Required - should support all video formats , .mp4,.mkv,.avi etc 5. Preferred choice of brand - Any brand with good service suggestions please -...
  3. R

    MKV player for Windows Mobile

    Guys please recommend me a good MKV player (preferably Free) with subtitle support for Lumia 520. I wanna watch movies with .srt subtitles. Thanks
  4. akhilc47

    is there any free mkv player for windows phone right now?

    I'm tired of this ****. Why is it so difficult for someone to develop an app in windows phone? I honestly don't know. Please tell if there's any free app for mkv playing. Don't tell me vlc, I've been hearing it for a long time. Molyplayer was very good but not free. And I can't even purchase...
  5. W

    Internal Hard Drive 2 TB/1 TB

    Hi Friends, My seagate hard drive seems to have died and is in warranty. Planning to send to RMA. Meanwhile, want to purchase a reliable hard drive. Any suggestion within 5k-6k budget? Also is 2TB better value for money than 1 TB? If so, which ones can I buy? Purpose - MKV and video...
  6. A

    Please suggest me a 32inch LED FULL HD TV Budget 35000

    Brand : sony ,panasonic ,samsung ,lg reqrmnts : FULL HD , MKV MP4 support , HDMI Budget Max 35000 Thnnkz In advance :)
  7. ithehappy

    Converting a video from MP4 to MKV?

    I use Handbrake to edit videos, and it does the job great. But now I need something with which I just wanna change a MP4 video to MKV? Just that, nothing else, everything else should be same of the actual MP4, the quality should remain exactly same, how can I do that?
  8. sujeet2555

    convert MKV to AVI/Mpeg without pixellation

    i am using xilisoft video convertor. even on highest setting converting a MKV specially to MPEG2 introduces pixellation in the to convert the MKV files keeping the same quality.
  9. D

    Panasonic THL32E6D - Gaming and MKV?

    Hi If anyone has experienced gaming via any console on Panasonic THL32E6D, please share your experience? Did you face any ghosting? Also, does it has MKV support in USB play? Thanks a lot
  10. shreeux

    Best Mkv to avi Converter?

    In my dvd player (Philips dvp5150 dvd player) support only Divx format only, My all downloaded movies in mkv and mp4 formats, I am already used Format Factory,Wondershare not satisfied with this software, While playing in dvd struck up and sometimes Reading index error. KIndly advice best...
  11. anirbandd

    BluRay Video Conversion load

    Hi all, I re encode a lot of bluray video from mkv to mp4 format for watching on my TV. i use the AVS video Converter. its a pretty good piece of software. it takes about 1hr 20mins to convert a full HD video from mkv to mp4. i keep the resolution and frame rate same, and lower the bitrate to...
  12. C

    sony bravia 40EX430

    guys i need to take a 40 inches LED tv, i'm planning to go for sony bravia 40EX430 and i also got to know from somewhere that it'll be able to play MKV format as well guys please give ur reviews and please also suggest if u have some other model in mind brand should be sony and it must...
  13. D

    please suggest a 32 inches LCD or LEd

    hey guys, i'm looking for a 32 inches lcd or a led tv my budget is upto 35K sony or samsung prefered i'd like to have following specifications 1. full hd 1080P 2. all file format should play including MKV 3. should have all the major connecting ports placed at the correct place eg: hdmi...
  14. Ashis

    Full HD 32" LED TV, Plays Video from HDD; MP4 & MKV!

    Hi all, I am posting after a very long time :) In the mean time I have grown up, so my writing should be a little mature. To the point: I need a TV for Watching HD Channels & Movies. My condition is; the TV should be Full HD LED that can play video from a Harddisk & must play MP3, WMA, MKV &...
  15. A

    required low cost mini Media player HD MKV -

    Any idea where can i get mini media player HD which can play mkv movies with HDMI output. Some chinese made are available on ebay....shipping from Hongkong, China any idea if the same is a available in local market in mumbai or anywhere in india??? any idea???
  16. dippi_taurus

    PMP's for 6K and Above

    Hello guys, I'm planning to buy a PMP for around 6K budget. I can increase it to a couple of thousands. The player should have expandable memory, FM tuner and recorder, should play audio formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG and others. If it also has video playback capabilities then good, but I wouldn't...
  17. S

    problem with mkv merge

    i want to rip dual audio in movies, one guy told me to use mkv merge gui software but he did not tell me how to use it please anyone help me out
  18. T

    LCD wiht MKV playback and NTFS support

    Hello Experts, I need a suggestion for my Leaving room. I have lots of HD 720P movies (mkv and divx) on my external hard disk. But I am unable to play them on my DVD through USB since hard disk is formatted with NTFS. So I am planning to buy LCD TV, which can support NTFS file system and can...
  19. S

    MKV merge settings required

    hi friends i just downloaded mkv merge and i want to compress videos by using it but how should i enter the settings it is not easy as handbrake so can any body give me the settings or from anywhere i can get the *.mmg files to download thank u
  20. Zangetsu

    Dual Audio in Video

    Hi all, I have come across this Dual Audio concept in Video. Anybody know abt it please put some light on it. Q1.I have a mkv video with dual audio (hindi~english),Can it be available in other file formats such .wmv,mp4,avi etc Q2.How to build a mkv with dual audio?any apps available...
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