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  1. Krazzy Warrior

    Monster Mission Desert [GTA-SA]

    GTA-San Andreas [Help] Hey guys, I am stucked at Monster Truck Mission in GTA-SA (In Desert) where u have to pass through all the checkpoints in less that 6:30 it always take me around 7:30 to pass..:mad: Is there any way (shortcut) or any Cheat<---yet I dislike them till know I have used 0...
  2. revolt

    very strange and irritating crash in blood money.please help.

    Blood Money is crashing(returns to desktop without any warning) whenever I try to "throw" or "drop" anything in the You Better Watch Out... mission (default key g). For example, throwing the coin to distract guards or setting down a sausage cause an instant crash. This problem has proved to be...
  3. rameeze

    GTA 3 : Last Request

    Hi friends I want to know how to complete the GTA 3 mission 'last request' whenever i take boat to the blue mark ( pink mark on redar ) it dosent give anything and whenever I press enter it says 'mission faild'. pls help
  4. V

    Save 'n Play

    Now this thread is for Save 'n Play (SNP) method (just like gtaforums). Ex.: if i (requester) have difficulty in completing a mission, i upload that save file & one of you (helper) can download that save file, complete that mission (given by requester) & re-upload it here.. REQUESTER...
  5. S

    GTA:SA help

    Its been months i've been stuck in a single mission. If you've played the game, you'd know maddog's mission. I'm supposed to save maddog who's drunk and threatening to kill hiself by jumping from a casino roof. I have to run to a nearby truck and drive it to the place where he would fall. But to...
  6. xbonez

    Graw 2

    guys, i was just playing Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare2. After i finished the mission Get Me Rosen (Act II), no more missions unlocked in the main menu. However, i don't think this is the last mission in the game, since i didn't get any credits aftert that mission, and it was too easy to be the...
  7. G

    GTA Save game

    i need save game file of gta sa upto "farewell my love" as when i load this stag their is no mission visible around neither on the map.please help Thanx in advance
  8. freebird

    Open Hardware: Revolutionising Linux

    read: http://wolphination.com/linux/2007/02/09/open-hardware-revolutionising-linux/ i understand from these that PC's that contains h/w components whose drivers are open sourced or may be GPLed not necessarily the hardware.
  9. the great one

    Swat 4

    Can anybody tell me the cheat codes of swat 4 Cheat to unlock all the missions I am asking 4 cheats bcoz i m getting annoyed wid the game as after completing a mission the next mission starts but if i exit the game the mission i have just completed has to b completed again as it does not...
  10. quan chi

    SAN ANDREAS:please your help is required.

    friends please help me. well can someone please give me the hot coffee mod for this game.and the game runs quite well in lower settings but at some missions like the mission where you gets your first girlfriend.in that mission when i enter the house to save her. inside the house it is filled...
  11. abhi_10_20

    Hm: Blood Money

    Struck up in the first mission(Joseph Clarence) itself.(after knocking the three with sniper rifle). Any walkthrough?????(only for this mission please)
  12. evil_maverick

    stuck in gta san andreas!!

    hello ppl, am stuck in the flying school mission of gta san andreas!! can any body plz help me out by givin me the save game for that mission?? .....
  13. iMav

    Mission Impossible type CD Drive

    remember the famous dialogue of Mission Impossible "this message will self distruct in 5 seconds" .... here a CD drive that does something similar .... Thanks to Plextor’s new PlexEraser, you won’t have to microwave your unwanted CD/DVD discs — that contain sensitive data — anymore. This...
  14. A

    Most Exciting Mission/Round You Ever Played in a Game !

    While most of us like to talk about the best games we ever played, i would like to call all gamers to tell all us in detail the best ever Mission/Round they ever played in a game and why they liked it. I mean something that actually made you shiver/excited and left you mesmarized. I am starting...
  15. moshel

    GTA: SA Mission Stowaway!!! ::MUST SEE FOR ALL GTA FANS::

    Hey guys i dont know how to pass this mission, man the plane goes just too fast. i tried the slower gameplay cheat but still it doesnt work.........the plane takes off before i reach even the halfway of the runway.. anybody completed this mission then tell me>>>>
  16. S

    Name the game

    i used to play a smaal 2D game 5 or 6 years before.....it was a small battle game that could be played by two players on a split screen mode.....in the game each player had a jeep,a missile launching truck,a tank and a helicopter and the mission was to destroy the other's base i think....can any...
  17. S


  18. Apollo

    San Andreas > Mission Help > STOWAWAY

    Tried as much as I have, I cannot just get my hands on completing this mission. I think it's almost un-doable. Just to make it clear... I'm looking for some advise as to how to complete the 'Stowaway' mission which appears just after the N.O.E mission, which are ordered by Toreno. Please...
  19. M


    dear friends, i am completely messed up with the "demolition man's mission" (in which a chopper has to place 4 bombs in the building) in gta: vice city....... i am trying this mission since last one and a half month!!!!!!1 i require an urgent help from you.............. i simply wanna a...
  20. A

    gta san andreas stuck...

    Hey ppl ... i am stuck in two missions in San Andreas.. one is the Cesar Vialpando Lowrider Racing mission and the other is the Stadium racing mission.. someone tell me how to clear these missions.... i have played it many times.but does not work. in earlier gtas i would get out of the car and...
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