1. Anorion

    Mangalyaan has found Methane on Mars and is sitting on it

    so this tantalizing tidbit was hidden in the article... and there is no further explanation On Mangalyaan?s first anniversary, understanding the gains from India?s foray to Mars and the Moon - The Hindu In simple words, the Indian Mission to Mars has found the one of the strongest indicators...
  2. Mr.Kickass

    Britons shortlisted for the Mars One Project

    (Source) Covered elsewhere, Mars One shortlist: the top 10 hopefuls | TheGuardian Meet the 100 people hoping to live and die on Mars | The Verge Sorry, can't help it :P
  3. Desmond

    NASA officially announces manned mission to Mars.

    Source: NASA's Orion Test Flight Gets Us Closer to Mars - Businessweek
  4. Cyberghost

    NASA Launches Carbon Satellite After 2009 Failure

    A rocket carrying a NASA satellite lit up the pre-dawn skies Wednesday on a mission to track atmospheric carbon dioxide, the chief culprit behind global warming. The Delta 2 rocket blasted off from California at 2:56 a.m. and released the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite in low-Earth...
  5. shreeux

    Call of duty black ops 2 Unable to play continuously?

    After 3rd mission....challange mission opened....unable to play 4th mission....
  6. Vyom

    India's first spacecraft to Mars successfully put into Earth's orbit !

    India launches first mission to Mars Scientists and engineers working on a Mars Orbiter vehicle at Isro’s satellite centre in Bangalore. NEW DELHI (AP) — India on Tuesday launched its first spacecraft bound for Mars, a complex mission that it hopes will demonstrate and advance technologies...
  7. Desmond

    ISRO to launch first Mars orbiter on 28th October

    Why was this under wraps and we come to know of it only now? This is huge! Source : India Pic gallery : India's First Mars Mission in Pictures (Gallery) | Space.com
  8. theserpent

    BioShock Infinite:Story/Ending Discussion[SPOILER THREAD]

    So I Finshed the game,I am so confused I Dint even understand the story a BIT THANKS TO The tears. So I was all fine untill that blacksmith mission untill she started making up all these tears. Anyone can explain the ending
  9. gameranand

    XCOM Enemy Unknown Discussion

    I know that its quite an old game now but I didn't found any thread for this Topic so I am creating one. This game is a remake of a really old game UFO : Enemy Unknown. Its a Turn based Strategy game. Here are the necessary info about the game Name - XCOM Enemy Unknown Developer -...
  10. H

    Indian police vision-2025

    Hi friends... I just want ur opinion/ ideas or views to improve police system... Weather it may be traffic, home guards,armed reserve or general police.. Please send your ideas how our indian police should be in the year 2025..
  11. N

    Completed Rage "accidently"

    I completed the last mission of Rage, i.e, the Capital Prime one (I didn't even know it was the last!) and now the game has ended but have tons of mission and side missions left to do! I can't go back...I have two save files, one just before activating the final switch in Cap Prime, and the...
  12. yomanabhi

    "Just Causes" Issuses....

    Hey guys, I was playin Just Cause 1 (2006 game).... I got problem Cutscene isn't working.....I completed 20% game, I didn't saw a single cutscene When i go to get mission i get mission simply without any cutscene..same goes while end of any mission.. Plz Help me guys:???::!: C'mon...
  13. A

    Need help buying graphic card in 5k range urgent

    Hello My configuration is Intel Core i5-2400 (3.10 Ghz), 2GB RAM, 20" LED monitor. I want to buy a graphic card around 5k to play mission games like COD MW2, Battlefield 3. Please suggest a good graphic card soon.
  14. Siddharth_1

    COD 4:MW Act III No Fighting in the war room. Help Needed.

    I am stuck on a mission in cod 4 and need help. In act 3 mission: no fighting in the war room, in the room where the missile silos are located, we have to reach the last room where there is a big metal door, and captain price waves his hand towards us, telling us to move in that room. When i...
  15. A

    Suggest game

    my graphics card is nvidia nforce 610i and have 1.37 gb ram.Please suggest me any rescent papular mission game occupying memory space of 3gb
  16. Psychosocial

    The Red Dead Redemption thread

    I know most of you have completed it but as I just got a new console before a week, this was my first game preference. So I have finished 14% of the game and clocked in 4 hours. I just finished my first wanted poster side mission and captured the target alive :D. The game is super fun :)...
  17. paroh

    Chandrayaan sensor fails; craft''s life may be reduced

    Fri, Jul 17 10:35 AM Bangalore, Jul 17 (PTI) India''s first moon mission Chandrayaan-I, launched in October last with a two-year life span, has lost a major sensor and may meet a premature end, ISRO said today. "Unfortunately, during the last month we have lost a vital sensor --- the star...
  18. S

    Help me in San Andreas

    Guys i am stuck on the level where CJ needs to follow a plane using another plane(marcos bistro mission i think) Can ne1 help me in completing that level(just that level), plz hlp me. This is my save file : *rapidshare.com/files/196847454/GTA_San_Andreas_User_Files.rar
  19. INS-ANI

    NATGEO Mission Udaan

    Does any one knows from where i can find/download these 1)natgeo mission udaan documentary videos. The documentary was on Indian Air force. 2) Scientific documentaries 3)Other Natgeo/Discovery documentaries. any help will be appreciated. (If you have something imp to tell, u can PM...
  20. H

    Yae! Chandrayan Launched

    Today morning The PSLV - C11 carried our pride into the space.It is the time for us indians to cheer up. three cheers for Chandrayan. For late readers, source : www.isro.org more news : *www.straitstimes.com/Breaking%2BNews/Asia/Story/STIStory_293484.html Photo Gallery (assembling) ...
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