Most Exciting Mission/Round You Ever Played in a Game !

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While most of us like to talk about the best games we ever played, i would like to call all gamers to tell all us in detail the best ever Mission/Round they ever played in a game and why they liked it. I mean something that actually made you shiver/excited and left you mesmarized. I am starting myself with my all time favourites...

(i) GTA Vice City : Mission where Tommy Vercetti with his friend aboard a helicopter and they go to their one of the enemies area and shoots all of them who are on roof and outside. I really got thrilled so much that i felt that it was me who actually is flying. I could feel the adreline pumping in me. Time seems lost to me and i thought i was in another world. And to make matters more enchanted i could fire from the helicopter ! Totally awesome stuff !

(ii) GTA San Andreas : Mission where CJ with his bro riding the bike are being chased by russians and CJ in return has to shoot them away. Russians are after them on bike, cars and even truck ! This mission is so fast and thrilling that it will remind you the truck chasing scene of Terminator 2 and ofcourse you being the incharge of it !. You have to shoot with certain obstacles coming in between like road turns where you have to effieciently manuevre your gun. Again Mindblowing Experience.


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The last three missions of Half-Life2, Anticitizen one, Dark Energy and Our Benefactors. It was simply stunning, defeating the combine/elite combine in their own den was an experience in itself. And then ultimately destroying the energy core using only the organic gravity gun was also great, not to forget the ending.

A close second would be mission 'research' and 'treehouse' in Farcry. That was when at the end of 'research' level that tridgens were introduced. Also in the level, you had to use stealth as an ultimate weapon, just boom-boom bang-bang Rambo style won't do. And also killing the tridgens was also great in 'treehouse'.


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And The Normandy Beach Assault level in Medal of Honor too was brilliant though it required a couple of re-dos
OOps cod by mistake :roll: :roll:


for me, Normandy Beach assault in Medal of Honour,

actually i have played so much games, i dont even remember. which missions were really good. but i did like this one.

i played normandy beach assault in COD2 but MOH was better than this.


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Shalebridge cradle in THiEF 3
Roof Tops mission in THIEF 2
Return to Haunted Cathehedral in THIEF
Boat level in FARCRY
Lighthouse in Splinter Cell chaos theory


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Yes, Normandy Beach again, but in Call Of Duty

Had to clear that level without any weapon... :shock:

Then of course, Hitman 1 & Hitman 2 last stages, awesome strategy.

And Freedom fighters last stage.


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for me it's the last stage of the game that thrills me the most.......e.g

MAX PAYNE( u had to kill the vamp by bringing down the communication tower which fell on her helicopter, but doing that required u to shoot the wires holding the tower with a sniper rifle and then shooting at the tower with M2 grenade gun within a time limit, else she would fly away and kill u...... awesome timebound mission and an awesome end)

MAX PAYNE 2( u had to kill the villain by bringing down the suspended chandelier(was it) in which he was holed up by using grenades, and at the same time evade the grenades that he was throwing at u, awesome... but not in the same league as the prequel)

SPLINTER CELL PANDORA TOMORROW ( u had to kill the villain and his henchmen and after that, find and disable the biological/nuclear bomb (can't remember which one) which was ticking away in a suitcase and then leave the suitcase for the police. once again excellent time bound mission and a good ending)

MOH Pacific Assault (the last mission in which all the remaining JAPS run towards u screaming and attacking u with their guns and baton, and u have to kill them and then host the american flag, and then wait and wonder what ur next mission will be)

cha. :wink:
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