Completed Rage "accidently"


I completed the last mission of Rage, i.e, the Capital Prime one (I didn't even know it was the last!) and now the game has ended but have tons of mission and side missions left to do! I can't go back...I have two save files, one just before activating the final switch in Cap Prime, and the other, Ghost Hideout, that's way too behind!! I just want to go back to Wellspring to do my missions that I left out. I had no idea that Cap Prime was the last mission and I cannot go back after doing it....what to do now?? Please help me guys...I didn't even complete even, I think, half of the total no. of missions! That would be a big waste of money....! :cryeyesout:


Talk to the hand!!!
The same thing happened with me in Fallout 3! :oops:

Have you made any saves in the game? If not then you have no other choice but to go back to your last save.
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