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Help me in San Andreas

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hey dude is that the stage where you have to chase it before it leaves town?
you'll be flying over water right?


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theres not much help to be given...You have to get good at flying..Use a controller, I used the PS2 one and could do it easily.


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it's the stage where you take off fromn airfield and wait for an airplane to enter San Andreas airs and chase and capture(those assassins ) before they land.

amitash : It's not hw to do that i require. i want someone to complete that one for me. i can't do it.
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Well there is a mod for San Andreas which unlocks all missions and gives u freedom to play any mission. You can try that, but that kills the story of the game.


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I would have played that level for you but I'm busy in Thief II right now. I'll point this golden link out to you though: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/file.php?id=1600.

That is a link to the GTA SA Crazy Trainer by Crazy Virus. After you download and install it, run it and click on info. Find out the combination to "Toggle Jetpack"(Should be Alt+K) AND the "Fly in direction of camera" control(Should be Alt+L) . Run the game from it. During that mission, as soon as you take off, press Alt+K. You'll become completely still in midair. Next press Alt+L and marvel as you fly forwards in the direction of camera. Get into the ring after you see the plane, then quickly hit Alt+K again during the cutscene to disable the cheat or the game will be stuck.
Happy Flying!!!

Mind you, I'm against using trainers but I know how worse can the situation get! I couldn't pass that lowrider dance once. I still recommend doing it on your own. The trainer won't help you out in the last mission.


Ya using trainer helps when u get to annoyingly tough levels in some games, i used it in GTA Vicecity too, in those toy helicopter/plane levels.
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