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  1. rhyansy

    MSI Dragon Fever GE62 Apache Pro

    You definitely don't want to miss this! Hurry now while supplies last!
  2. Flash

    2014 Twitter Moments and Perspectives

    Twitter really done a good job on organizing the tweets. Moments | #YearInReview
  3. P

    BSNL miss call messages

    My father called by brother, who is in hostel, and he could not pick up the call,,,,, it means that it becomes a miss call..... later my brother gets message.....it says that:- you have one miss call for this no....940xxxxxxx and again next day he gets the same message..... its...
  4. RCuber

    Do you miss the Start Menu?

    Do you miss the start menu in Windows 8? I haven't missed it at all. EDIT: BTW.. Please share your experience when not using a start menu replacement app. I also use a paid app, but I noticed that I hardly use it :p
  5. bubusam13

    Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident

    Jaspal Bhatti dies in road accident A personal note: Recently many known personalities passed away, but I will miss no other as much as I will miss Jaspal Bhatti. I used to watch his shows in my childhood, specially Flop show. I really like his commedy. Its really shocking. RIP sir.
  6. amjath

    HopShopGo and buying from US

    Hi guys, Today morning I received a mail from paypal So my questions, Is hopshopgo is legit, ll they ship safely?? If so What should I buy from US, I'm planning to buy a Graphic Card for myself not exactly from US :D but 10% off on product as well as shipping seems tempting. Need...
  7. C

    You shouldn't miss this!

    You shouldn't miss this rofl you really don't wanna miss this- something epic. :lol: freenode Web IRC (qwebirc) Choose a nick, don't forget the captcha. :D
  8. R

    Q abt Crysis Warhead

    hey guys, is Warhead's Plot a continuation of the original Crysis? or is it totally unrelated to the first part? i haven't played Crysis yet...so will i miss any of the plot if i start off with Warhead? thank you
  9. M

    Very Very Rare Dance Advertisements of Hrithik Roshan - Must Watch, Don't Miss

    Very Very Rare Dance Advertisements of Hrithik Roshan - Must Watch, Don't Miss * Rarest Home Trade AD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mPI4gWwiro - See the Dancing Steps at the end of the AD * Rarest Coca Cola AD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNo4cBpbSVA - See the Legs Steps :)
  10. P

    How to see more then 3 pages for New Posts ?

    Hi all, When I click "New Posts" I get result only for 3 pages. I get 3 pages when I login after 1 day & even 3 pages even after 15 days. I dont want to miss any posts since my last login. Please suggest what changes do I need to do ?
  11. Bookworm

    Do you get funny SMS from BSNL??

    Do you get funny messages from BSNL?? I got few days back, I am writing the exact message, 8 hours to go. Get a chance to win BIGCASH today! Play n Win Just get maximum scores, Q> What is the Language of Gujrat? A) Gujarati B) French SMS A to 57272. Rs 2/sms. :grin::grin: Another one got...
  12. rhitwick

    Going home

    Ya, me going home today. Me spamming here will be paused till 26th of this months:D Will c if I can get in touch with u guys from my village. Will miss u all for sure.
  13. Beckhamgal

    Moto Closed???

    Hey guyz, I went to buy a motoming a1200 couple of days ago and they said that the company closed on 31st dec. What the hell!! How can it be closed just like that. If its so..I m surely gonna miss those sleek n cheap mobile sets. Moreover, I want a substitute now!!!!!
  14. P

    Prince of persia 4 !! Now available

    Hey mates your long wait is over ,POP4 the Heart throbber is out Now !! Reviews :POP4 reviews Available for PC @ POP 4 http://buygamingstuff.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7_83&products_id=350 Dont miss it !!
  15. Krazzy Warrior

    Goodbye! Friends

    Hi Friends, I am going out of station for around 15-20 days 2morrow and so wont be able to connect to internet...Will miss this forum and ofcourse Urban Terror Game..:) GoodBye..
  16. T

    call spoofing

    hi friends ,, i m facing a new problem. One of friends says that i m giving them miss calls but i m doing at all coz i have no balance but they are saying that they are continously rcvng miss calll frm my num can any one explain ths to me and how do i overcome it
  17. rhitwick

    Going home...

    After 1yr I'm going home, will be back here on 19th. 95% chance is that I won't be able to visit forum in this duration as getting a PC with internet connection is next to impossible in my village. Will surely miss u people a lot. AND anyone who is thinking about posting Durga Puja pics, plz...
  18. Dr.tweaker

    where to get ngage qd,any condition

    hi friends,i am really keen to get a n gage qd for me,i know that it is very much outdated but still i want to collect it as i love its design very much and loved its games tooooooooooo. can u indicate at what price(probably used as getting a new one is difficult) at kolkata.I really miss the n...
  19. Faun

    Restaurant bans disabled artist for 'putting off' diners

    A disabled woman has been barred from her favourite restaurant for allegedly 'putting off' other customers. Artist Catherine Blow, 47, had eaten there six or seven days a week for the past two years. But last week the restaurant's owner, Francisco Conde, declared that he was losing trade...
  20. G

    I'll miss everyone here

    Though I'm in this forum for quite a long time but I never got much time to spend in it. The help and any kind of assistance you provide are simply great. I gave my boards exam this year and I was free in the break, so I decided to learn a lot from the "tutorial" and other section of this forum...
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