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kudos to fellow member anandk

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most of us know our fellow member anandk and his website winvistaclub.com which courted a lot of controversy at this forum well just to highlight winvista club's email interaction with MS regarding WIndows 7 is now doing rounds on major tech sites includin the inquirer; engadget & gizmodo

here's wishing anandk all the best with his site ... for a lot of guys this wont mean anything but anandk has been an old member of this forum and it is a moment for us to congratulate 1 of ours who has achieved recognition for his work

all the best anand :p
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Congratulations Mr. Ananad K. Though I am not much into tech stuff, I know how rewarding it feels to be on BigShot sites! :)

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Congrats Anand.
Keep it up.


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Anand's site really has some very valuable and useful tidbits related to the Windows workspace. A definite must visit site if you want to enhance your windows experience.

Another feather in his hat ;)
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